STREETExPO Brand Highlight: Haus Image

Photography by Jacob Collier

PATTERN’s 2018 STREETExPO is just around the corner. Slated for July 28th, it is the only creative lifestyle fashion trade show in Central Indiana and PATTERN is highlighting just a handful of the innovating brands that will be showcased at that show. The STREETExPO aims to serve as a conduit between brands, buyers, designers and fashion lovers continuing to bring attention to Indy’s fashion aspirations and talent. To learn more about the event and becoming a vendor, visit the STREETExPO info page here.

“A lot of people underestimate Indianapolis. Personally, I like that challenge as opposed to moving to a bigger city where creative people are a dime a dozen. I’m willing to work with other creatives towards bettering Indianapolis and making it more fashion conscious with more local shopping teaching people to care about what they put on their bodies and how they dress every day.”

Gage Lambert, founder and owner of online and mobile contemporary women’s boutique Haus Image, says “being able to wear things different ways and style them in different ways based on who you are, your personality and your everyday needs is essential.”

Describing his aesthetic as clean and simple, the focus of Haus Image is to show people what a piece can do, how to wear it, and transition it and add equity to a wardrobe. It’s about seeing beyond one outfit and building a more aesthetic and consistent style.

After a 10+ year background in retail management, Lambert developed his own business plan based on his personal ideas and aspirations. “I really wanted to dive deeper and get out of a corporate retail setting and be more hands-on with the connection between the customer/consumer and the product and build that relationship.” As retail career opportunities pulled him away from Indianapolis, he realized he wanted to have more control building his own brand. With three years of planning and preparation, Lambert launched Haus Image’s first fall and winter collection in October of 2017.

The name “Haus Image” stems from Lambert’s desire to one day provide multiple services under one roof. He wants to expand into other categories to include hair, beauty and cosmetics. Growing up, Lambert’s mother owned a hair salon and his sister is an esthetician working as a makeup artist. Eventually, he plans to incorporate these services into his brand through a brick and mortar store.

“I want it to be a complete image hub,” he says, “so people can come in and find help with whatever their struggle is.”

Lambert is not solely motivated by profit and says that Haus Image stands out from other boutiques by “presenting better options to people, not just giving them what they want right now but showing them things that are trending and up-and-coming.” Although an item may sell really well, he prefers to purchase pieces that customers may not find in any other boutique. He targets a fashion-conscious, artistic, modern audience.

It’s been said that Indianapolis is more of an up-and-coming creative community, and Lambert says that’s the best part. “It gets me excited and keeps me driven everyday. To me it’s important to build something that’s going to last many years. I want this to be a career for me that’s going to flourish over time.”

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