Circle City Street Style Vol. 12

Name: Autumn Balt

Have you always lived in Indianapolis: Yes, I have… and I moved to downtown last year.

Tell me a little bit about your outfit; where did you get your clothes: Well today, I have a knock off Louis Vuitton from way back when. I went to a street fair once and whatever booth it was the lady said she found it in her grandmothers old chest after her grandmother passed away, I’m pretty sure it’s fake but it was cute so I got it. The dress is probably from Charlotte Russe, from way back in the day,  I’m pretty sure the belt is from H&M, the shoes are from Target, and I think the earrings are… Lord knows where the earrings are from, and the glasses are from Wal-Mart, I hate to say that.

What are some of our favorite places to shop: I mostly shop at Value World and Value Village, I do a lot of vintage. I try to find old stuff and try to give it a modern twist. So my thing is I love jeggings, with a baggy scarf shirt or an old t-shirt with an old scarf that I found. Something with crazy patterns or crazy textures are really cool.

What is your favorite vintage place to shop: I would have to say Value World in Fountain Square.  It’s my favorite!

What are some of your favorite things to do around Indianapolis: Well, working at Starbucks on Mass Ave, I spend a lot of time down there. Now that it’s where I’m at, I have a bicycle I spend a lot of time riding around. I play a scavenger hunt to see where the good stuff is, and the fun stuff. I spend a lot of time just hanging around.

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