Street Style: Vol. 10

Name: Carolyn Connelly

Age: 23

Occupation: Bartender

Spotted: Broad Ripple behind the Fire Station

Favorite Place to shop: Friends Closets and Forever 21

Tell me about your outfit: It’s a mix of pieces I’ve had for a while and love and some  new finds.  It’s a lot of Rue 21 and Forever 21.

What’s your tattoo from: It says “Swing Life Away.”  It’s lyrics rom Rise Against.

Where can you be found in town: Usually Noblesville or Broad Ripple.

You have to have one fashion item you can’t live without: My watch.  Even if  I’m feeling or looking scrubby, it’s on me.

Favorite fashion must have: Accessories, bags.  I have to have them.

Since your tattoo is lyrics, what’s on your iPod: Citizen Cope, DMB, Incubus

Indy is your hometown, what makes you love this city: It’s local, it’s accessible.  It’s big, but not too big.  You can get anywhere within twenty minutes and can find a variety through the different neighborhoods.

Give Indy some fashion advice: Be yourself, be comfortable.


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