Street Style: Vol. 1

Name: Jeremy Wallace      AKA: Jace

Age: 21

Occupation: Photographer, Fashion Designer, Music Video Director (Local station 100.9 recently proclaimed Jace as Indy’s premier music video director.)

Dream Job: Film a video for Kanye

Self-Description of Style: Monochromatic Blue with hints of Brooklyn

Every Day Fashion Staple: The Casio Calculator Watch or his iPad paired with Dr. Dre Beats headphones

If the mall had only one store it would be: The Gap

If people want to find me I’ll be: Anywhere to shop or his office, “it’s where everyone else wants to hang out.”

Favorite style on the opposite sex: Polo shirts with popped collars or high heels with a camera.

How important is fashion to you: “I don’t pay attention to trends for myself, I wear what I want but I stay in my style.  I have to understand what people want though to be a successful designer for my line.”

What’s in the backpack: Old papers he hasn’t read in years, thoughts he wrote down years ago, papers he’ll randomly pull out occasionally and find inspiration on.  Comfort.  Security.  Personal identification.

What would you like to see change in Indianapolis: People need to step up and be more bold.

To see some of Jace’s work, visit his YouTube Channel under RetrOjFox.


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