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As a singer and songwriter with a background in piano and guitar, Kristopher Rush has always been passionate about music, though he never imagined he would be building a career as a DJ.

Kristopher Rush or DjKG is a rising senior at Indiana University, studying Business Marketing and Management. Despite being exposed to DJing within his family, he originally gravitated towards choir, winning multiple state championships throughout his high school career.

It was during college when Rush became more interested in music production, seeking to create his own business as an entrepreneur. With guidance and insight from his

brother Kenneth Rush or Mass Appeal the DJ he dove into DJing and did just that.

“It just made sense,” Rush says. “I adapted and made it work for what I was trying to do.”

Rush has a very special relationship with his brother. His advice was a key factor in getting Rush to where he is today. As a fellow DJ now living in California, he has been able to pass down his knowledge to Rush. “Every step that I’m in right now, he’s surpassed and knows how to handle,” says Rush.

Like any other craft, Rush practiced every day as a beginner, trying to overcome the learning curve. Getting booked for gigs was the big challenge, but networking and finding mentors was helpful. Over time, he was able to brand himself as a professional, improving his marketing and communication skills as well.

Even now with experience under his belt, Rush is still learning and growing with each new opportunity.

“It’s been life changing,” he says. “What you put in, is what you get out.” Rush explains no crowd or venue is the same, “Every time I DJ, it’s a chance to learn something different, something new.”

Rush’s passion continues to grow alongside his following. His craft has molded him to be more open-minded and optimistic. When it comes to supporting yourself and financing your goals, his advice is to take a leap of faith. “Don’t be hesitant,” he says, “If it’s something you’re really passionate about, stick with it and put the work in.” As a new DJ, Rush struggled paying for expensive equipment, but the sacrifice has already begun to pay off. He has already achieved more than he ever realized was possible, in business and in life.

Moving forward, Rush hopes to continue working toward being an artist DJ and producer, along with taking on real estate. He plans to build his own DJ studio crew, growing his clientele and building a platform for not only his own music, but for other up-and-coming artists. His goal is to leave a path for others who share his vision.

DJKG created a special playlist with tracks appropriate for any mood, also shedding light on a few local Indianapolis artists. Listen Now!

Tell me about the mix you curated. Does it give off a type of mood? What should we be doing while listening?
The mix I curated is very near and dear to me because it represents love, freedom and fun. The playlist reflects an emotional rollercoaster that takes you on a journey. From the smooth voice of Daniel Caesar to the up-tempo party jams of BlocBoy JB there is truly a song here for every mood.

What groups are killing the game right now?
“Killing the game” is a very fluid term in the music industry. Many groups out right now such as the Migos are “killing the game” in terms of album sales and continuing to stay relevant with trends. While there is nothing wrong with creating popular music I respect those who implement messages within their songs. TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) does exactly that with artists such as Kendrick Lamar and SZA. Kendrick helps shed light on racial inequalities/social issues in his recent album for the movie Black Panther. TDE also captures a female audience with artist SZA who’s album CTRL sheds light on relationships throughout the lens of a woman. TDE is without a doubt putting the game to rest right now!

What are your past and current music projects?
My past music projects mainly involve opening for artists such as Waka-Flocka, DJ Carnage, Dj WhooKid, Black Youngsta and more. Currently I am putting together my production portfolio and will be working with Studio 60 in Los Angeles.

What are your interests outside of music?
My two main interests outside of music are cars and fashion. As a hobby I like to make reviews of high performance/luxury cars. I have had the opportunity to operate various different vehicles but my favorite is the Lamborghini Huracan. Anyone who knows me would agree fashion is very important to me as well. Some of my favorite designers include Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, Tinker Hatfield, Virgil Abloh, Pharrell and Kanye West. In addition to music, I would like to design my own line of clothing or collaborate with one of the designers mentioned.

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Instagram: @krristopher
Soundcloud: DjKG
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