Stay Tuned: July 2019

Pat App is a newcomer on the Indianapolis music scene. He has a penchant for experimental yet hard hitting production and from his use of classic flows, you can tell he’s a student of the game. His music brings a distinct sound to the music scene that lovers of classic Hip Hop can appreciate.

Tell us about your musical background.
As far as my music background my parents were always big Rap fans so I was learning lyrics to their favorite songs soon after I was learning how to speak. In middle school I would write raps for school projects and would get a lot of praise from my classmates so I took it seriously as a craft my freshman year of high school and started releasing songs that I recorded on my phone and mixed on an old laptop. I grew my sound by modeling my flows off my favorite artists of the time J. Cole and Mac Miller and by senior year I was doing my own shows, releasing projects, music videos, selling merchandise and approaching music as my main passion and dream that I wanted to achieve for myself. I went to Purdue for college and studied Business Management to gain more knowledge that could help me on the business side of the music industry while I also got a degree under my belt. I was able to keep building buzz during my enrollment by performing campus events, some shows around the country and through releasing consistent singles and some music videos. Since graduating I’ve moved from Purdue back to Indy. I’ve got heavy ties to the city since I was raised here and most of my family is from here, so making a name for myself hailing from Indy is definitely something I take pride in and another piece that shapes my story. 

Tell us about the mix you curated (mood, when should you listen to it).
The mix that I created has mellow Hip-Hop and R&B vibes. It’s the type of music that I like to listen to while I’m catching up with friends, working on ideas with other creators or while knocking out daily tasks in my own space. For me the music puts me in a flow where I can be inspired and stress free.

Tell me about your past & current music projects?
In high school I released three mixtapes my Junior and Senior year that really helped me start to get my name around Indiana and out to neighboring states. One of the tapes made it to the front page of DatPiff, one of the major mixtape websites of that era, and this was a huge deal for me and a confidence booster at the time. In college I strictly released singles and music videos, but a few days after I graduated I surprised fans with my first E.P. titled ‘Entity’ which came out at the end of last year December 2018. The project gave me the chance to rebrand myself, after pulling down much of my old work from previous years, and I established with it what I feel is my truest sound and message. The reception I’ve received from fans and listeners so far has been amazing and the lead single ‘Savage Mode’ has climbed to over 85,000 plays on Spotify over the last few months which has been surreal to watch. I also have a second fully finished E.P. that I plan to release sometime this summer and I am working on my first full length album as well. I’ve been making music for over ten years now, but it feels like I’m really just getting started which is nice. And when it’s all said and done, I definitely want my discography to be nothing but classics. 

What acts are killing the game right now?
Out of Indiana I think Omar Apollo, Mathaius Young, Drayco McCoy, Feyi and Paris Ladame are all killing the game and I’m looking forward to seeing them gain more recognition on national and worldwide scales. Out of the Midwest I think Smino, Mick Jenkins, Ravyn Lenae, Jean Deaux, Saba and Kari Faux all have a lot of talent and are killing the game in a lane of music that I in particular really appreciate. And on the West Coast I like TDE and feel like they kill the game with whatever they do. They’ve definitely become my favorite label to watch in music over the years. 

What are your interests outside of music?
My interests outside of music are reading, fashion, spirituality, entrepreneurship, human rights and health & exercise. My hobbies are pretty much based around these and I feel like they keep me progressing a lot as a person and help me to connect with a lot of dope individuals so I enjoy them. And it’s also nice because they give me more to write about in my music.

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