Stay Tuned: January 2018

PATTERN’s curator of the January 2018 playlist, Austin Tyler, is a dj, producer, and artist who may be better known to you as Trilli. This playlist highlights some of our favorite tracks and albums from within the last couple of months, including recent local Indianapolis releases. Follow the playlist on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure!


Tell us about your musical background.

Outside of some years in the school band during middle school, I’m a self-taught music producer & DJ. I had the great fortune of living with a roommate in college that had DJ equipment & it spread from there 5 years ago. Thanks to the power of Youtube, anybody can learn to make music or DJ with just their laptop & a pair of headphones. One day, I decided that pressing buttons on the xbox controller wasn’t getting me anywhere in life so I might as well try pressing the buttons on digital keyboards, drum pads & DJ gear.

Tell us about the mix you curated. Does it give off a type of mood? What should we be doing while listening in?

Lately, I’ve been really focusing on learning new sound design techniques, and pushing my personal sound to a new level as an artist. So lately, I’ve been enjoying artists that REALLY push the boundaries of digital sound design into new and interesting directions. The earmarks of this modern synthesis will be evident as the playlist progresses toward the more aggressive music at the end.

Heyzeus has been one of my favorite Indiana artists for a long time, and his versatility is a big reason why. He’s got tracks full of braggadocios raps, but shines the most on his slower RnB influenced tracks. SHXPs is a real talented kid from Muncie; his production is always very impressive, and this remix of Kendrick’s King Kunta is no different. MAD Pritch, from Bloomington, that just put out an EP in the past month that was really impressive. Her vocals pair extremely well with the dark bass inspired production. FLACO is another local mainstay for me as a listener.

This list would be perfect for a good workout session! Start out nice, sexy and bouncy to get you feeling good about yourself, then heads into some lighter trap from Migos x Marshmello & KRANE before crescendoing with the insane sound design of QUIX & rickyxsan. Finally, some slower grimy stuff like Bleep Bloop to wrap everything up.

What groups are killing the game right now?

Oh, so many.  Boombox Cartel, HeRobust, G Jones, Ekali, JUDGE, QUIX, KRANE,  EPROM, Mr Carmack (& his Paradis Project w/ Promnite). I could probably list artists all day. It’s an amazing time for digital musician.

Tell us about your past and current music projects.

Winter time is like electronic music producer summer break so I’ve been working in the studio nearly every day to come up with a bunch of original tracks to release over the course of this year since summer can get so hectic sometimes. I’ve started 2018 off with a remix of Travis Scott’s Upper Echelon, and have a few originals on the horizon that are really progressive in their sound design.

As a DJ & Event Promoter, I’m planning on more musically themed parties in 2018 & partnering with some leading local visual artists to present attendees with immersive audio visual experiences. I also hope to bring my past mix series, Sunday Morning Coffee, into a live setting & using it as a performance avenue for live digital production performances.

What are your interests outside of music?

Cooking!  I’ve been saving up for a tour of Europe so I cut out dining out to save money and have really fallen in love with trying to cook healthy, but still tasty meals. I dabble with my camera from time to time when the feeling strikes, but definitely want to get more involved with my photography this year. I’m trying to travel more this year. Experiencing new cities (especially their food scene) is always an inspiring experience for me, and I also seem to write my best music in airports. I really been digging making retro-futuristic digital artwork lately. Photoshop and AfterEffects have been awesome to learn the past couple months and it’s really helped me to take my artistic vision to another level.

Follow Trilli on his social media:
Instagram: @trillitakespics
Facebook: @trillisound
Twitter: @TRILLItweets

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