Stay Tuned: February 2018

This month’s PATTERN playlist curator Jay Brookinz, is a producer and the founder of  Jay Brookinz Battle League. One of the champions of Indy’s burgeoning hip hop scene, Brookinz has his finger on the pulse of Indy’s best artists.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Tell us about your musical background.

I’m a Producer by trade. I started making Hip-Hop beats in 2002 and I’ve morphed into having my own entertainment company curating and throwing shows.

Tell us about the mix you curated. Does it give off a type of mood? What should we be doing while listening in?

This is a special J.Brookinz Indiana mix…The only thing you should be doing while listening to this is keeping your mind open. That is the only prerequisite. It’s a great introduction to our scene. Get familiar now cause so you can tell people you were listening to these artists before anyone else. Look, now you’re cool and your clout coins have increased exponentially.

What groups are killing the game right now?

Where I’m from there are so many artists killing it under the radar. Here’s a few: Sirius Blvck, FLACO, Mula Kkahn, Dose, Tully C., Maxie (Young Tone), Clint Breeze and The Groove, Lil E, D-Bo, Stokes, Pope Adrian Bless, Trajik, Nathan Arizona, Blood Handsome, Kiddo and Thunder Dreamer.

Tell me about your past and current music projects.

Check out for my older works here. As far as my new musical endeavors, I’m in the planning stages for the new beat battle season and working on a very special event on August 25th.

What are your interests outside of music?

Photography has taken a hold of my soul as of late.

Follow J.Brookinz on his social media:
Instagram: @jbrookinz
Facebook: @jbrookinzent
Twitter: @jbrookinz

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