Stay Tuned: August 2019

Heyzeus has been a mainstay on the Indianapolis music scene. He has a voice that cuts through & compliments his affinity for funky beats. His music offers a look into what Indianapolis’ sound will be modeled after in the the years to come. As our pick for Stay Tuned: August 2019, we asked him some questions and had him curate a playlist for your listening pleasure.

Tell us about your musical background.
My introduction to music started back in 2013 as a means to help push a career in creative designing and fashion. Back then my goal was to use music as a way to promote all of the artistic aspects of my life and eventually it blossomed into a much more serious role. Like most people it goes without saying that I love music but I have absolutely fallen in love with it over the years. As a kid I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps and become a painter, so music was never a life-long passion of mine. Getting into it as a 23 year old was such a drastic change for a shy kid from South Bend, IN but it has given me confidence and opportunities that I never knew could be possible. I have been blessed to be able to work with my sister-in-law, Micki Miller, who is developing her own name is the industry. Quite possibly the most talented person I have ever met in my life, she’s taken me under her wing and pushed my growth beyond belief over the years. 

Tell us about the mix you curated (what’s the mood; when should you listen to it).
The mix I curated is called “Shut Up & Drive” not to be confused with early Rihanna hit lol. Driving is such a peaceful thing for me. Particularly long drives across state line. I think I do a fair amount of my writing or brainstorming while behind the wheel of a vehicle. The key to a successful long drive is obviously safety, but the next best thing is the vibe you set to get to your destination. This mix features 10 of my favorite songs to play while hitting the road.

Tell me about your past & current music projects?
The first of my six projects that I have released is called “The Champagne Room.” It was such a nerve-wracking experience to begin working on music, but at the time a few of my close friends were more established musically so it made the learning curve pretty smooth. I have gone on to do three rap projects (“sundayEP,” “Go Crazy” and “Friends in High Places”) and two more R&B soulful projects (“Museum” and “Museum II”) The rap projects channel more of a mainstream approach while the R&B projects play to the ins and outs of love. One thing I have always tried to stay true to in my music is not just telling my own stories, but also living vicariously through my friends and loved ones. We all relate in many more ways than we differ and I want to present that in my music. A few years ago a friend of mine began producing music and last summer we started a band called Trash & Treasures. We would consider it the perfect blend of rap, soul and live instrumentation. Our first album “Hidden Gems: 1st Edition” was released back in November and we’re gearing up the release of “Hidden Gems: 2nd Edition” in August. 

What acts are killing the game right now?
I take pride in being able to say that the majority of my favorite artists right now are Indiana-based. Acts like Baby Ebony, Double A, B-Cozy, John Stamps and so many others are making incredible names for themselves and inspire me everyday to get better at my craft. On a larger scale, artists like Smino, Jaden Smith, Tierra Whack (the best rapper out IMO) and collectively Dreamville are setting a new standard for how music should sound and feel. The energy and camaraderie that’s flowing throughout the industry is phenomenal and I hope it’s a trend that is here to stay! 

What are your interests outside of music?
Outside of music, my ultimate goal is to be able to open up an art gallery and studio. To fully tie in my knowledge of graphic design, music, visual arts and even my new-found joy of culinary arts would be rad. I’ve been cooking at a college for about five years now and the things that I have picked up in the kitchen have helped open me up to another world of creativity. A personal goal of mine is to have a show where not only I perform and showcase art, but I’m able to cater the event for everyone in attendance.

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