Stay Tuned: April 2018

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Oreo Jones needs very little introduction if you’re at all familiar with Indy’s hip hop scene. From his involvement with highly regarded Ghost Gun Summer collective to being the founder of Chreece hip hop music fest, to his work with Tube Factory’s Listen Hear, Jones is deeply embedded in Indy’s indie music scene. We asked him to pick his favorite songs of the moment to share with you, and feel fortunate that he obliged!

Tell us about your musical background.

In the early 2000’s there was a potent hardcore and punk scene in Northern Indiana where I grew up. I hit puberty and was listening to severely spastic stuff like The Decedents, The Misfits and The Bled, just to name a few. I was in a punk band called Screaming Hemorrhoids in high school and then after I graduated, I moved to Indianapolis for college. During my college years I found my love for hip-hop. I would go to Luna Music on Mass Ave a couple times a month and browse the hip-hop section. Feeling inspired, I would make beats on my Xbox with the MTV music generator game and would write song after song after song. Fast forward, I eventually got involved with the hip-hop community here and beyond. Dropped albums, toured around the country, formed a rock ‘n roll band, founded a hip-hop festival in Fountain Square, and am currently helping with Listen Hear and WQRT FM.

Tell us about the mix you curated. Does it give off a type of mood? What should we be doing while listening in?

So, I broke your rules and added a few extra joints just because I’m confident in all my choices and I couldn’t narrow them down cause they all slap. My musical palette is all over the place at the moment. I’m super into 2010’s woman fronted rock n roll right now. Also, weirdo avant-garde pop and hip-hop. Damn near bump this playlist in the car, kitchen, or the cubicle.

What groups are killing the game right now?

Everyone on this playlist!

Tell me about your past and current music projects

I’ve found inspiration all over the place lately. A lot of people think that I’m not making hip-hop records anymore but that’s far from the truth. Just trying to explore a different part of the universe for the time being. Currently working on this Michael Raintree project. I create layers of live loops on stage with a synth, drum machine, and vocal processor. It’s more of like experimental B&B type feelings. I’m the resident artist at Central State Mansion where I’m working on a music piece that I’m performing live June 9th at the 1899 building. My rock n roll band White Moms is back in the studio this spring writing new songs, playing some killer shows and embarking on a tour. Also helping out with Big Car Collaborative’s Listen Hear and WQRT. Listen Hear is a sound art gallery that I help manage and curate and 99.1 WQRT (which is located in the back of Listen Hear) is a low powered FM community station that I’m a part of.

What are your interests outside of music?

Im really fond of shooting film when Im traveling on the road, Wild Wood Market sandwiches, and Jane Kim

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