Smart Swimwear Choices (Quit the Board Shorts)

Summer time is here. Well, maybe not “officially”, but guys it is time to start thinking about your swimwear. As kids we had our favorite swimming trunks that we could not wait to put on. It didn’t matter if we were jumping through the sprinkler or swimming in a kids pool (a pool with just as much grass & debris as water). When I was a kid I had an amazing pair of day-glow green swim trunks. When I got older and was heading off to Spring Break at Panama City Beach (I felt dirty just typing PCB), I had my horribly fitted palm tree patterned board shorts. For a short guy, the worst choice to make is a board short… but I guess that, given I was going to PCB, it may not have been my worst choice. Then the strangest thing happens: as high school guys grow into men, the board short seems to never leave! Gentleman, if you still own board shorts, you need to read this article before you pack for your next vacation. Unless you’re heading to Panama City.

Gents, I’m not sure what we’re afraid of when wearing anything shorter than knee-length trunks. Aesthetically, they are better in many ways – ways that are beneficial when showing off near water. There is hope for swimwear this season, even Hollister and Abercrombie have shortened the length of their swim wear. See styles at I was surprised that they even have some cool trendy patterns for guys, too. Maybe there is hope. Let me share my tips:

1: Save the BOARD SHORTS for spring breaks at Panama City 

A few years ago, I vacationed at a beautiful house in San Destin, which is a very short drive from PCB. I knew it was a perfect vacation spot because we passed a Saks 5th Ave on the way to the beach house. It was a perfect spot to be reminded that as guys grow up, so does our style. Generally, guys don’t tend to favor long shopping trips. Even I make it a quick  in-and-out adventure when I go shopping. Not to mention, when I do shop for swimwear, I’m reminded how not beach-body-ready I am. Guys, don’t ever be the grown man wearing boar shorts. Trust me, you’re getting the wrong attention.

2: Not just about the name brands

There is only so much that can be done to a pair of swim trunks. You can find a stylish pair of swim trunks without breaking the budget.  Don’t get me wrong, Lacoste and Burberry have a couple pairs that I would love to be wearing. However, I found some equally stylish pairs at places like Target and Macy’s. The key things to look for are color and pattern. The bonus about being a smart shopper is that you can pick up a couple different pairs when purchasing your swimwear. Mix it up for those longer vacations.

3: Color and Pattern is key

Like most trends for Summer – it’s all about color blocking and pattern. A solid color short is not a bad thing because many brands are focusing on the details. Like pockets, cutouts, and accent colors. A bold statement can also be made with a colored short. If you’re vacationing at an all-inclusive destination, some styles of shorts can be combined with a linen shirt to be lunchtime-ready, straight from the beach. The other option is pattern choice. Choose your pattern wisely – sometimes the patterns can get a little out of control. A simple check or cross-hatch is an easy go-to for guys. If you prefer a more preppy look, you can choose a plaid that is easy to style with a solid colored polo shirt. Another beach to table look, if you need one.

So guys, regardless of whether you’re going to be hanging out in your backyard soaking up the sun or chilling at an exclusive resort, pay attention to your swimwear. Maybe it is time to let go of your senior year PCB spring break shorts, and make adult memories with an age appropriate swim trunk.

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