Roll Call Exhibit at The Oilwick Studio

Roll Call is a three part exhibition series of new media works created by interdisciplinary artists in the Midwest and curated by Bryn Jackson and Jenn Cooper. For three weeks in July, Roll Call will promote three different unique spaces with different artists at each exhibit. For the third and final exhibit coming up this Saturday the 21st, Roll Call 3 will showcase a unique sonic, visual, and movement-oriented showing. Read on to hear from the two curators as well as board member, Katie Norman, of their take on Roll Call 3.

What can people expect from this weekend’s show?

Co-Curator Bryn Jackson: This Saturday is the finale of the three part Roll Call exhibition series. For this weekend’s edition, guests can expect a sonic frequency and movement workshop by JCSpaceRadio, a video by Keeley Haftner, performances by Amelia Charter and Mitsu Salmon, and conceptual catering by Nathan Braunfeld.

Co-Curator Jenn Cooper: This weekend’s Roll Call will feature performance and timed based works pared with conceptual catering. These works will be unique engagements with new media content. Additionally, an artist panel will conclude the evening’s events.

Is there a collective concept for the three shows being put on by Roll Call?

Co-Curator Bryn Jackson: This series has been entirely organized around the theme of Presence. When Jenn and I were initially thinking about Roll Call, we were both working with ideas of what it means to be here in this moment and how that’s affected by technological advancement and the development of systems so massive, it’s difficult to perceive them because of sheer scale. We found that many of the artists we wanted to work with were also grappling with themes like family, personal and collective memory, identity, economy, and the environment. All of these concepts ultimately complicated and contributed to the overarching theme, which has made the series really rewarding to those who are willing to dive in and ask questions.

Co-Curator Jenn Cooper: We began the series with the inquiry, “what does it mean to be present?” We were interested in exploring the relationship technology is playing in our lives and practice, which has manifest in sculpture, video, performance, virtual reality, and robotics.

There seems to be a quite a bit of local galleries doing weekly shows. How is this different/better than say keeping them open for a month?

Co-Curator Jenn Cooper: Ideal for our series, the three iterations of Roll Call allowed for each gallery to exhibit a tightly curated set of works unique and in conversation with each space. This has presented a dynamic set of environments in which artists and audience can engage with the concept of presence. The weekly roll out of Roll Call exhibitions has allowed for each involved work time and space for its presence within the conversation.

What makes the Oilwick showing unique?

Oilwick Board Member Katie Norman: The Oilwick is an open and raw space with a large gallery and lots of character. With performance work I think that you will see artists begin to react to that. The other Roll Call shows were mostly exhibition format where anyone can walk in and out of the space. This show will be a lot less about what is going on on the walls and much more about presenting the audience with an experience that will progress and transform throughout the night.

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