REV 2017 Street Style

This year’s REV event was windy and quite chilly, but this did not seem to deter anyone from having a great time! As usual, the night included multiple entertainers, and far more food and drink options than anyone could ever wish for. We spotted our favorites the Chamber Music band on the outdoor stage with driver Will Power on the drums for a few songs, then around the corner by the track, we were very happy to catch a glimpse of DJ Metrognome, as well as Dream Chief later in the evening. Fashion-wise, there was, as always, a lot of black, and black and white to be seen. Given the weather, we weren’t surprised to spot just a handful of bright colored dresses. There were a lot of shawls, fur shrugs, and jackets covering up what otherwise would have been bare shoulders and arms. Still we spotted quite a number of winning, and fun looks which we will share with you below.

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This year we’re going to do something a bit different from years past. We’ve created several categories to share our favorite looks, followed by a gallery of all the other fine people we were able to photograph. Hope you like it!

Photography by Tad Fruits, Aubrey Smith and Polina Osherov.

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