Retail 101 with Heather Pirowski

You have the vision, the plan, and the passion-now what?

The hardest part of any new business venture is starting up-especially within retail. With major corporate giants around every corner it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a small business-however this does not understate the importance of small retailers to the cultural texture of Indy.

The Riley Area Development Corporation’s sixth STIR Workshop will hone in on these issues in Retail 101 with guest speaker Heather Pirowski. Founder of Retro 101, Indy’s first Boutique on Wheels, Heather will share the advice and strategies she has learned from her 20 years of experience in the industry.

Before she joins us at the new RUCKUS space Thursday evening, Pirowski answered a few questions about her journey through the retail industry.

Christel Richard: How did you become interested in starting your own retail business?

Heather Pirowski: I think I got the “retail bug” in the 5th grade when my elementary school principal chose me to be in charge of the school supply store. I learned at the ripe age of 10 how to up-sell (what color pencil gripper do you want with your pencil?) and create a great shopping experience for everyone by treating everyone with kindness.

CR: Have you noticed any growth in the number/community of small retailers in the Indy area?

HP: I have noticed a growth in small retailers but not in the traditional sense. Broad Ripple used to be filled with boutiques/shops and now they are no longer there. The world of traditional retail is changing, and you don’t have to invest in opening up a brick and mortar store and signing a 5-year lease. I now see more and more events and pop-up shops throughout the area that have vendor opportunities for small business owners to sell their products, promote their services and tap into their entrepreneurial spirit.

CR: What is one lesson you hope people will take away from this workshop?

HP: Good things happen to those who hustle and hustling is what owning your own store, business, leading a team, launching a startup is all about. I will also be sharing some of my “business secrets” and “tricks of the trade” to help set up those wanting to pursue their dream of owning/starting their own biz up to win.

To hear more from Heather, RSVP to the STIR Workshop here!

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