Ralph Lauren and Team USA’s Olympic Athletic-wear

There are still a few months until the 2012 London Summer Olympics. I have my favorite sports to watch, but lets face it: most people tune in for the opening and closing ceremonies. The production level is always exciting for the opening and closing of the games. Watching each team parade around, representing their country, is essentially a parade of each nation’s fashion. What designer better represents American fashion than Ralph Lauren? For the 2012 Games, he has designed the ceremony outfits for Team USA.

Ralph Lauren has only released sketches of the men’s and women’s outfits, and the look is classic USA. Head-to-toe white with red & blue accents. Team USA is going to look fresh on the world stage. To support the collaboration, Ralph Lauren has made Team USA’s apparel available online. The pieces are quintessential Ralph Lauren and summertime Americana.

Ralph Lauren has made it easy to purchase team USA gear. The products range from comfortable and casual hoodies and knit shirts to dressier trousers and button-front shirts. (Product is also available for women and kids, too). Guys, they have a well put together selection, no matter what your Olympic plans are. You better buy now, because you don’t want to miss out on Team USA gear.

While checking out the Olympic merchandise, I noticed that there was a wide range of customization that could be done to Team USA garments. For example, at about $110 I could have a customized polo shirt showing support for USA. They offer color options, stitching color choice, and name customizing on a range of the products. This is a unique way to celebrate the 2012 Olympics. The preppy sport look for summer isn’t going to be going away anytime soon, so it would be a solid purchase for both Spring and Summer. The range of color choices that Ralph Lauren’s men’s line is known for is always an eye catcher. So, if you don’t normally wear a lot of red or blue, there is a large selection of pastels and bold color options.

Everyone feels a little extra proud to be an American during the Olympic games. So if Ralph Lauren is out of your budget, you can always bust out those cotton colored trousers that I have been saying to buy forever (and throw on a comfortable t-shirt). An easy way to add that touch of Olympic spirit is to find a “newsboy” cap. Ralph Lauren is even outfitting the athletes with white versions of the classic headwear. Feeling a little more fancy? Put on that straight-leg dark denim, and pair it with a vibrant red dress shirt (and a true blue tie or bow-tie). Don’t even think about busting out that white tie! Fight the urge!

So, stock up on the your red, white, and blue now. Shall I start the chant? U-S-A … U-S-A … U-S-A …

















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