Q+A with Robert Christian of Kulture Wears

Photography by Kelsey Matthias

Robert Christian is the founder of Kulture Wears LLC, an Indy-based men’s streetwear brand rooted in representing the influence and style of old school hip-hop culture. Christian’s brand can be shopped by visiting the website or Instagram. Check out the Q+A below to learn more about the local streetwear brand. 

What do you make?
We make streetwear, as the transition from menswear to streetwear has given me an opportunity to advertise street fashion. It’s primarily hoodies, tees, shorts, joggers and track suits. We’re looking to get back into making accessories such as wristbands, hats and bandanas.

How did your brand start and get its name?
It started as a way to be connected to old school hip-hop. Basically, the music of old school hip-hop inspired the brand because of the message. The message was more about fighting the power, and was more subjected to a lot of cultural influence and communities throughout the United States.


What would you say is the overarching mission of your brand?
The mission is to provide an outlet for expression through men’s streetwear as a representation of old school hip-hop and being able to reach that influence of those messages that were carried through time. Also, creating things with streetwear. 


What is your favorite piece that you most recently came out with? 
I would say “Surviving America,” which is definitely a topic that the cultural community can relate to. “Surviving America” is a line of hoodies and tees that represent the culture of the Black community, the issues that they face against police brutality, and some of the discrimination that goes on against the Black community.

What is one thing you are most looking forward to in relation to your brand in the upcoming months?
One thing that I’m looking forward to is the new sayings that are coming out on upcoming pieces. We have a lot of other exciting stuff going on. I’m really looking forward to being able to advertise the brand on a runway setting in the future. I’m also looking forward to releasing a new design in the near future. It’s kind of similar to the “Surviving America” collection, and is called “Still Fighting Til This Day.” The new designs that are coming out are still fighting against police brutality. 


If you had to describe your brand in three words, what would they be and why?
I would describe my brand as a representation of old school hip-hop, and the message that was formed in old school hip-hop was educational. I would say “educational”. I would also say “style” and expressiveness of being able to carry the style of old school hip-hop that we don’t advertise enough, and is not represented through modern men’s fashion. Skinny-leg jeans are not representative of that vibe. Our joggers are not meant to fit in this skinny-leg style. We still have the same culture that old school hip-hop rappers did, in which there is the regular, looser style of pant legs that are designed for the average man. The last word I’d use to describe my brand is “cultural,” because I think the brand really represents the culture. I love being able to express feelings or important messages on a hoodie or t-shirt without having to be verbal about it.

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