Q+A with PLANS

Photography by Jamar Mitchell

PLANS, a punk rock band from Indianapolis, not only write music to perform, but to make a difference. They want to connect with their fans on a personal level, leaving them impacted beyond the venue. I sat down with Cody Almond (Lead Vocalist) after Plan’s set at The Hoosier Dome to talk more about his band and how much they have grown.

Jamar Mitchell: What is the meaning of your band’s name?
Cody Almond: Our name just kind of happened on accident when we weren’t ready to tell people we were a band and the days we would practice we would just say we had “plans” and it just sort of stuck.

JM: How did you guys meet?
CA: Sebastian and I knew each other for years. Mike and Stan practiced with their other bands at the same spot and when we needed fill-in members, and they offered to tour with us.

JM: What inspires you as an artist/writer?
CA: I think growth is a huge influence.  Finding my place in an ever changing world. Making something by my own hands that’s worth holding onto.

JM: Who have you guys been listening too lately?
CA: We’ve been Listening to ‘The Maine’s’ new release and have been super excited about the new ‘Heart Attack Man’ stuff.

JM: What do you guys think you would be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?
CA: I wish I could say that music was a full-time career but it’s just not at a spot to pay the bills right now. We all work day jobs and try to keep the dream going.

JM: Is there any hidden meaning in your music/what does it mean to you?
CA: We really strive to reach people on a personal level with our music. I lost someone very close to me to suicide at a young age and I really strive to help anyone that has that little cloud we call depression floating around in their head. There’s a whole big world full of light out there worth fighting your demons for and we just hope to be something encouraging through the rough times and help celebrate the victories.

JM: What is your favorite songs to perform?
CA: I’m really excited about the new songs we recorded last spring. We love performing “Sleep” and “Answering Machine” but the few new songs we’ve been playing just feel right.

JM: What is one of PLANS biggest accomplishments?
CA: I think our biggest accomplishment is the people we’ve reached and the friends we’ve made. Without human connection, we have nothing. I could write a “perfect” song but if it doesn’t touch someone’s heart, I don’t think it would matter much. I’m so thankful for the opportunities we’ve been given and all the tours we have gone on. But truly the people we’ve met make it worth it.

JM: Where do you see yourselves in five years?
CA: Hopefully in five years we are making a living doing what we love and reaching even more people and continuing our little circus.

JM: What is the end goal/dream?
CA: The end goal is to just make a difference, whether that’s in a basement or in a stadium. Bottom line we want to give people honest songs from an honest place.

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