Q+A with Endless Creators

Photos by Maddie Scarpone

Indy based blogger Maddy Corbin along with her business and life partner Bryce Journey have collaborated to create a new digital magazine, Endless Creators. Made as a platform to cater to creatives, Corbin and Journey are excited to see the magazine grow and inspire creators around the world. The pair sat down to discuss the magazines content with PATTERN and the goals these two envision for Endless Creators.

Aiden Smith: Tell me about who you are and what you do outside of Endless Creators?
Maddy Corbin: I am Maddy Corbin, the CEO of Maddy Corbin LLC. It is a lifestyle, fashion and entrepreneur blog and I have been blogging full time for two years.
Bryce Journey: My name is Bryce Journey. I am the project manager and photographer for Maddy and her blog.

AS: What inspired you to create this platform, Endless Creators?
MC: The biggest thing that made us want to create Endless Creators was seeing social media start to define faux levels for creators and create clubs for different kinds of artists. We wanted to bring the creation process back to the creators and unite us all. We saw social media developing ranks for and dividing artists and wanted to take these things away and create a community that focuses on the thing we all like to do, create.

AS: How long have you been working on it?
MC: In total we have been working on it for six months. I had been holding on to the Endless Creators name for a long time. I knew that I wanted it to be a super special project but did not know what I wanted the project to be yet. One day we sat down at Starbucks and I told Bryce about the mission of uniting creators and creating one platform that brings everyone together; one that everyone can learn from, and be inspired by. From there, we figured out that the project would be a digital magazine.

AS: How did the ideas come together for the magazine?
BJ: We basically run every single idea by each other and work together to see how the idea would fit the categories that we cover.
MC: We try to come up with ideas that touch all kinds of creators. We make lists of all of the different kinds of people who would be reading the magazine and make sure not to only cater to bloggers and photographers. We are also touching on charcoal artists, painters and every other kind of creator at every level. We want to make sure the stories can be used by everybody and not just one kind of creator. The mission is to be endless.

AS: What kind of content does the magazine offer?
MC: We have multiple different categories. There is business, technology, social, fun and inspiration. There are set categories, but the stories within those categories are versatile and feature all kinds of artists and creators.

AS: Do you have goals to focus primarily around Indiana/ the Midwest, or expand your platform globally?
MC: The contributors are from all over the world. Because it is a digital platform, we are able to reach a global audience. I think eventually we would like to even get the content published in different languages.

AS: What has been the most rewarding thing of the project thus far?
BJ: I would say the launch.
MC: I agree. We have 22 contributors and 22 other artists that we feature in the magazine. The people reading the magazine would probably never have known of these amazing creators. Seeing that connection come together just through a digital magazine is amazing.

AS: What can people look forward to with Endless Creators?
MC: The connections that you can make through Endless Creators. There is something for everyone to learn and be inspired by. People should come into it with an open mind because the topics are so broad while focusing on every kind of creator.

AS: What are some of your goals for the project?
BJ: Our goal is to make this project a hub for all creators. To see people be able to create and collaborate from this platform is our overall goal.
MC: I think that we have a lot of goals with Endless Creators becoming not only a digital magazine but also its own brand. We have fun ideas with merchandise and expanding to help other creators have the tools and connections to start their own brand. We thought the magazine would be the best way to start but we are excited to expand it into a bigger platform.

AS: Who would you encourage to read it?
BJ: Anybody, any age, any level, any career. Whatever it is you do, if it is selling sneakers or painting, if you are involved in the creative industry at all this magazine is for you.
MC: This is also a source for people who do not have a business, brand, or career path yet. As long as you know that you are interested in creating anything at all, this can be something to help guide you and expose you to a lot. It is not just for people who are already established, but for everyone who has the urge to create.

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