Q+A w/ Bronte Tagliani: Speed Demon & Style Setter

Bronte Tagliani‘s dance card runs pretty full these days, but the model-turned-businesswoman has added yet another title to her name: Style Setter for the Fashion Mall. Luckily, she managed to squeeze in some time to chat fall essentials, the perfect shopping trip, and fashion-forward race style.

We’re so excited that the Fashion Mall selected you as their Style Setter! What is your fashion philosophy?

I’m very excited that they asked me to be the Indy Style Setter! I believe that fashion should be fun; it’s a way to express your personality, and style is part of your distinct personality. Life is short, so everyday we should wear our “best” clothes. Why wait? Everyday is special enough to look and feel great! My philosophy toward fashion is “Life is my runway; and I’m going to walk it!”

I am sure your travels have taken you to many shopping destinations. What makes The Fashion Mall at Keystone unique?

You are correct – I’m lucky enough to travel often, and when there’s down time, one of the things I like to do is check out the local mall. Many of them have been Simon Malls around the country, too! The Fashion Mall at Keystone is unique in that it’s still bright, airy and open despite being an indoor mall. The array of brands truly caters to everyone.

What’s your favorite store at the Fashion Mall?

Gosh, this is such a tough question, as I like so many now. I couldn’t just pick one favorite, but I will say that I very much enjoy shopping at C Wonder. I love the bright patterns and mix of home wares, clothes, and accessories available.

What trends do you want to see around Indy?

Each trend this season appeals to a different style personality, so I don’t hope to see any one over another. I love the rock-chic look originally coined by Chanel, so leather and lace accents speak to me right now, but I have to admit: this look has raised some eyebrows in Indy’s semi-conservative market.

What items always find a place on your shopping list?

For the longest time I told myself I needed to diversify my closet, that I owned too much black. Now, I’ve realized that black is just part of my style, so I embrace that as my base color. You’ll always see something black in my shopping bag, but I’ll accent with an of-the-moment color. Right now I love dusty rose.

What three things do Indy women need for fall?

I believe the beauty of fall is layering. My must-haves, if I had to choose, would be a neutral trench (camel would be the perfect color) to go with anything; a pair of leather ankle booties (with a killer heal, of course); and a fitted knee-length skirt to be worn with oversized, slouchy sweaters. For more inspiration, you can check out my Style Setter blog!

Explain your role as a Style Setter for Indy?

My role as the “Style Setter” – someone who is stylish and fashion-forward –  will hopefully allow me to inspire and show fellow shoppers that our Fashion Mall at Keystone truly has something for everyone, regardless of style or budget.

What would your perfect fall shopping trip include?

A trip to the Fashion Mall at Keystone is always perfect! My day would include coffee, lunch in the cafe and lots of walking. I also make sure to talk to the sales staff, as they know their brand and store better than anyone. You will always find the best, possibly hidden items and deals if you chat with the staff.

Where did your interest in fashion come from?

It started when I was in university studying to be a veterinarian. I grew up as a complete tomboy. My mother was a sewing and cooking teacher in Australia, but it wasn’t until I started modeling at the age of 19 that my love of fashion was born. Having a chance to wear couture pieces for photo shoots in Australia and Asia sparked my fire. I’m now working on a new fashion project that I hope to have up and running soon, so everyone should follow my Twitter for updates on that, too!

This being Indy, I’d get in trouble if I forgot to mention your husband, IndyCar driver Alex Tagliani. How has racing influenced your style choices?

I’ve been around racing for over 10 years now, having met Alex in 2001. Last year, I started working with him in sponsorship and client services. It’s not just about driving anymore; there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that people just don’t know about. Being in racing does influence what I choose to wear; although I still try to be true to my style, what I wear has to be appropriate for the situation. For example, even though I would love to wear pumps everyday and everywhere, I learned early on that high heels are a track attire no-go.

What fashion advice do you give your husband?

Everyone needs fashion advice at some point in his or her life. I have always told Alex that if he feels good, then that’s what he should wear. I  support his choices, although he’s of Italian heritage so he rarely makes a bad call. Besides, I don’t want to be a nagging, controlling wife. If he asks, I state my opinion and help him out.

In the same way, I like to choose what I wear, but I never discount Alex’s feedback. The trick is to only ask when you’re really unsure, and be prepared to be told that your choice is not a good one. After all, why ask if you’re not going to listen!

Follow Bronte’s jet-setting style on Twitter and Instagram, and check out her fashion favorites on the Style Setter blog.

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