Q + A with Komäfi

When we last spoke to Cahmelan Porter in June, his clothing line Komäfi was just at the beginning of its release. Now with his first collection out on the streets, PATTERN caught up with the Porter to see how the brand has evolved in the last 8 months.

Edrece Stansberry: In your last encounter with PATTERN Magazine, you described the type of person wearing your clothing as an “outlier.” Why is this important to you, and how was it represented in your fall collection?

Cahmelan Porter: The term “outlier” comes from a book by one of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell. In that book, he describes an outlier as the some one that is the exception, the one-off, someone detached from the norm. It was important for us to present that message in our fall collection because we will not follow trends and social norms because we are seeking to be limitless in what we create.


ES: What did you learn from creating your first collection, and which apparel did you enjoy creating and like the most?

CP: From creating this first collection, I have a better understanding for how to articulate my designs down to the last detail of the fabric weight and thread count. It is easy to show a design and ensure a product looks the way you want, but understanding how it feels, the durability, and the overall silhouette are things we have focused our attention on.

ES: Which piece did your audience seem to like the most?

CP: Our surgical mask seemed to be our most popular item, and became one of my favorites not only because it looks fly af, but it is also practical and functional. By the time we got our e-commerce site up, we only had two of them in stock.


ES: What can we expect for Komafi’s Spring/Summer collection?

CP: From our Spring/ Summer ’17 collections, we will be doing a bit more branding as we aim to increase our awareness.  You can expect a lot more focus on quality, higher end fabrics and finishes as well as more lifestyle items for every day use.

ES: What is the difference between Komäfi and any other streetwear brand?

CP: The difference between Komäfi and other street wear brands is we are not looking to mass scale our production, but only to scale our awareness. We are looking forward to pushing boundaries on how clothes feel, fit, and function. Our long term vision is not to only keep curating designs for shirts, hoodies, and jackets, but to redefine how you wear a shirt, hoodie or jacket, and how it can function to improve your quality of living.  Komäfi will continue to create a culture of creatives, innovators, and outliers, and we will always remain inclusively exclusive.

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