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When one first meets the 30-something fashion blogger Sarah Coleman, it is obvious that she commands a room. Aptly named @FroBangz after a risky haircut, Coleman created an Instagram-based style brand for herself. From her unabashedly bold comments to even bolder clothing choices, the Indianapolis native developed an understanding of fashion as a hobby to now a lifestyle.

Sidney Hoerter: What inspires your style?

Sarah Coleman: I am inspired by other stylists and designers–there’s a designer named Delpozo, who is everything. I’ve always been inspired by designers who use color, shape, and volume in a clever manner. They’re not just fabulous clothes, they’re smart clothes.

This may sound weird but seeing people’s reactions to what I’m wearing or hearing someone say ‘Wow, I never thought to do that,’ inspires me. Making someone’s visual day is a treat for me.

SH: What differentiates your style from everyone else’s?

SC: I have three standard ‘fashion cards’ that I play: one is bright, bold colors; another is pattern mixing; and the third is monochromatic style. I don’t think that sets me apart, but those three are scary cards to play. It’s hard to walk out of your house wearing all blue and being confident about it. But I don’t have a lack of confidence in that arena.

Provided by @FroBangz

Excuse my French, but I give zero sh*ts about what people think I look like.

SH: Has it always been like that? Your abundance of confidence?

SC: Excuse my French, but I give zero sh*ts about what people think I look like. In high school, I had a really difficult time because I’m biracial. For a couple of years I struggled with ‘Am I black enough? Am I white enough?’ ‘What am I supposed to wear? Am I supposed to wear Abercrombie & Fitch because all my white friends are?’ It was really confusing and difficult. But something clicked my junior or senior year and I wore what I wanted. It became a source of pride for me. I found my own look and took it to the next level.

SH: Do you have a ‘signature look’ or an outfit you wear regularly?

SC: I love color. I go for big, bright, bold color. I steer away from colors that won’t catch somebody’s eye. I’ll wear all white, but it’ll be the most creative all-white outfit I can find.

Provided by @FroBangz

SH: Can you remember a defining moment in your ‘fashion history’?

SC: I had friends in college frequently ask me where I got my clothes from or tell me my look was cool. People gave me compliments and told me I had an eye for this. But I was knee-deep in other stuff and assumed fashion was simply something I liked, not something to pursue.

SH: What about a defining moment in your social media presence as a fashion influence?

SC: I started in January, so I’m still pretty new to this. I noticed my friends had other Instagram accounts, whether it was interior design or a style blog. Those were really inspiring, especially the local Indy ones, like @the_StyleRiot. I thought if they can do it, maybe I should try it. In January I had two weeks off of work and finally decided to do it.

SH: What trends do you look forward to seeing return from trends past?

SC: Every trend that comes back I’m always surprised by. Probably sequins, that’s more 70s/80s, but I’m obsessed with glitter, and I wish I saw a lot more sequins.

SH: What trend do you love right now?

SC: I love that the palazzo pant is back. They’re beautiful and have movement, and the way they look on women is f*cking fly. I know high-waisted has been around for a while, but I’m still pretty into that. I think high-waisted does a lot for a woman’s curves.

SH: Trends that you hate?

SC: There are no trends that I hate. There are trends that I don’t think should come back. I do appreciate a choker, but the thick, black, velvet chokers that are overly trendy right now… that’s so literal and doesn’t even count as fashion to me. I’m really sorry if you have a choker.

SH: What are the pieces you gravitate toward?

SC: I don’t necessarily have one statement piece, but there are outfits I gravitate towards–like this one. I think I’ve worn this outfit since I was 20-something. It seems like a pretty bright outfit to keep wearing, but I love it. I gravitate toward color and architecture — I love shapes in clothes.

My closet is really diverse. It’s tiny and it’s full as hell. Nothing looks like anything else. Everything is a different pattern, color, texture. My closet is pretty wild.

My closet is really diverse. It’s tiny and it’s full as hell. Nothing looks like anything else. Everything is a different pattern, color, texture. My closet is pretty wild.

SH: Is it it hard to buy pieces and pair them with other items in your closet?

SC: No, and the highlight of my fashion brain is when I’ve had a piece for ten years or so, like this dress, and I buy something new and think, ‘Holy sh*t, those would look insane together.’ So I rarely get rid of things because I don’t buy clothes unless I see the potential in them.

SH: Could you give some advice to aspiring fashion bloggers and social media gurus?

SC: If you’re going to do this, you need to understand the reasons you’re doing it for. I thought I was doing this to express myself and show others how I express myself. I didn’t realize how much I cared about the feedback until I wasn’t getting any.

Take advantage of Instagram’s analytics. They let you identify who your audience is. And if you’re missing the target, it can help you figure out how you can fix that. Get a partner. My photographers are my husband and my best friend. They are amazing at listening to my ideas and making it happen. Get a tripod, a camera clicker, and natural lighting. Be yourself! Don’t be anyone else because that person is already out there and people need to see some new sh*t!

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