Q + A with Detroit Musician Flint Eastwood

Detroit-based Jax Anderson, a.k.a. Flint Eastwood, released her first EP in 2012 titled Late Nights in Bolo Ties.  Soon after, Jax released her solo debut, Small Victories. Indy was lucky enough to have her in town for a show on April 20 at the White Rabbit Cabaret. PATTERN sat down with Jax to find out where the alias Flint Eastwood came from, more about her tour with Andrew W.K., and what’s next for her.

How would you describe your musical style?

Pop music that never sleeps.

What is your first memory of music and when did you know this was your path?

My very first music memory was of a church choir. I decided I wanted to be a musician after seeing a band called Carolina Chocolate Drops play when I was a teenager. Their musicianship and passion blew me away.

I read that your mom’s passing inspired many of your songs and that song writing was therapeutic for you. Are there any other experiences that have inspired your music lately?

I’ve been inspired by other peoples’ stories a lot lately. One of my favorite parts of touring is being able to talk to people after shows and hear what they’ve gone through. Everyone has challenges and victories. It’s inspiring to me how connected we all are.

Tell us about your experience touring with Andrew W.K. That’s a big deal!

Andrew W.K. is great. We’ve played a few shows with him in the past and I love his energy. He stands for doing something positive in life and I’m all about it.

You’re a one woman writing machine. Have you done any new cool collaborations in Detroit while recording? I know you’ve mentioned that your brother sometimes helps in the studio.

Well thanks – I’m constantly writing and kind of have his mindset that anything goes when it comes to writing. My newest EP ‘Broke Royalty’ has quite an number of guest writers on it, some bigger artists, some just friends who had an idea. I got the opportunity to work with GRiZ who is an amazing EDM DJ/producer on my track ‘Rewind’ which was an awesome experience.

You’re known for your hats. Do you have a favorite or signature hat?
I typically go for wide-brimmed wool hats. The bigger the better.

Any venues that you’re especially excited about for your tour?

We’re playing a good number of festivals this spring and I’m extremely excited for those. We’re playing a festival called Sasquatch in Washington. That sounds so beautiful! We’re also playing Electric Forest – that place is extremely inspiring.

What’s next? Where can we find you?

You can find me playing more shows, directing/editing more of my music videos, writing more songs at my home studio, Assemble Sound in Detroit, or morning bowling with my tour manager Ryan aka Vroom Vroom (his bowling alias).

Photography by Elese Bales.
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