60 Seconds With Artist Tom Day

Photography by Jamar Mitchell

Tom Day is his name, and art is his game! Tom, has been drawing/doodling since he can remember. His parents realized he had a talent at a young age, and wanted to foster his gift. They’ve given him access to different outlets to create, and continue to be very supportive. He has been living in Indianapolis his whole life and has done work for Orlando Magic, Seattle Seahawks, and upcoming projects with the Phoenix Suns. I got the chance to sit down with Tom and ask him questions and talk about his art and growth.

Jamar Mitchell: What is something no one knows about you, but you wish people did?

Tom Day: I am just a guy who wants to hang out with people!

JM: Who is your biggest inspiration right now?

TD: Titus Kaphar: he takes paintings and photos from art history that are racially discriminatory and recreates them to bring more attention to the person in the background, which is usually a person of color.

JM: What’s the last song you listened to?

TD: I Love You so Much (feat. Chance the Rapper)- DJ Khaled


JM: What is your dream job/the dream?

TD: Just being able to create what I want to create and have no questions asked, but also to do social media for a sports team! The artist dream is always fluctuating!

JM: What was the last text you sent?

TD: Thanks for the offer though!

JM: First thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

TD: My cat meows, I tell her hello, and then I go to Provider.

JM: Describe your art in five words or less?

TD: Justice, untold stories, and recognized privilege.

Keep up with Tom on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you’d like to purchase a print, canvas, or apparel, check out Tom’s website!

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