Public Universal Friend Features Song “Heather” on Mahogany

Photography by Fred Miller

Last month Public Universal Friend recorded a Mahogany session that has now reached over 100 thousand viewers. Mahogany is a London-based Youtube channel showcasing musicians and singer/songwriters from around the world. They have over 800 thousand subscribers and feature emerging artists, as well as big names like Hozier and Billie Eilish. Jody Friend, who fronts the band, became the first out trans artist to be featured on the channel.

Public Universal Friend is an Indianapolis-based art rock band. Jody is vocal about how her music is intended to be inclusive and create community. Making history on the channel aligns with her passions and is an inspiring accomplishment for her and the LGBTQ+ community.

In the session, Public Universal Friend performs the song “Heather” with acoustic guitar, synth sounds, and cool, light vocals. The sound of water behind them wraps them in the tenderness we feel throughout the production.

Check out the video below, read our past interview with Jody, and purchase the magazine here.

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