This is a day where boring simply isn’t allowed and with Vivienne Westwood one never has to worry about boring in any shape or form. If anything, one might want to worry a bit about the whole scene becoming to exciting. Ms. Westwood’s fans to tend to be a rather raucous and faithful group that just might follow her from the showroom directly into battle if she asked.

She’s not asking for battle on the guns and bombs level just yet. Westwood is well known to be politically active and her attentions at the moment are on a sustainability project called End Ecocide. To that end, the show was a bit of a rally for the cause, but not to the point of anyone being the least bit more offensive than perhaps smelling a touch off. Then again, this is Paris so even fragrance is hardly a declaration of any sort.

Wardrobe for today’s catwalk came inspired by the heroes of fairy tales. We saw Little Bo Peep, Snow White, and several others. In many ways the clothes were quite a throwback with puffy sleeves and bustles, upturned hats, capes that billow in the wind and trains that trail well behind the wearer. As usual, this presentation was given the stage treatment for dramatic effect. Dame Westwood does so love putting on a show. What actually shows up on store racks next spring will be sufficiently moderated and modernized, which in a way is too bad. Perhaps the fashion world could use a good bustle or two.

What we can expect to stay are the more fitted silhouettes, the padded shoulders, ribbon ties at the waist and a lot of ruffles. Especially this ruffles. This has been a very good season for ruffles and Dame Westwood has a knack for knowing just the right place to put them. One might also expect to see some of the trailing garments recrafted perhaps as long-tailed coats. Some of the looks came pretty close to that anyway and wouldn’t require much to go from costume to practical. I’d also put money on the tan bikini with the fig leaf on the bottom; that one is sure to be a bit for a number of reasons.

Not everything survives into production, but even with expected modification this is yet another glorious Vivienne Westwood collection that has retail success written all over it. Even those who don’t naturally gravitate to her dramatic style are likely to be impressed with this season. Let’s hope they all live happily ever after.

Photo credit: Marcus Tondo

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