Paris is a very international and cosmopolitan city and Paris Fashion Week echoes that reality with designers from all over the world showing during this nine-day extravaganza. So, it is actually a bit of a novelty to come across a designer who actually is French, who was born and raised and educated in matters of French fashion and design. When this occurs, one wants to pay special attention, because even with designers who may not be terribly well-known the opportunity for greatness seems to be born into their blood.

Such is the case with Veronique Leroy. Perhaps more well known for her work with the maison Leonard, her young eponymous label is often overlooked in the overly-busy schedule of fashion week, but those who are paying careful attention know that what Ms. Leroy produces are consistently sleek, elegant, and wholly French looks that maximize the materials, especially the knits, with which they are made. Her fall/winter 2014 collection certainly continues that trend and there are some wonderful pieces here that deserve a lot of attention.

Known especially for her works with knits, Ms. Leroy comes at us this season with a perforated rubberized fabric that she uses extensively throughout the line both on its own as well as mixed with other fabrics. Opting for a modified chevron pattern, Veronique uses the fabric to give added structure to her pieces for this fall, including some high-standing collars that are definitely a new look for the label. She first introduces the fabric in a skirt under a sheer black top. The look is very sleek and lies close to the contours of the body. Next, it is seen in an overcoat over a white/bone pant suit, and introducing the tall collar. All the way through, we see the fabric in various colors, but always in the modified chevron design. Whether this is a design choice or a limitation of the fabric I cannot say, but the effect is very fresh compared to many of the prints and patterns we’ve seen this season.

In fact, it is quite refreshing that what we don’t see here is more of the same trends we’ve seen elsewhere. Sure, everyone wants to be trendy, but when everyone is wearing what’s trendy one needs something that stands out without looking garish. This is where one wants to turn. With sleek, elegant looks, done wonderfully in cotton and the most delicate of knits, and carefully constructed designs that are more flattering than they might first appear.

A couple of nice, understated touches come in the details. Veronique uses a double-belted look that could add lumps in the wrong places if it weren’t for the fact that these dresses are designed so very well that the belts end up complimenting the look. A frayed edge on tweed coats also becomes a very nice, quiet touch on looks that are otherwise finished out to perfection.

Veronique Leroy doesn’t get a lot of press, doesn’t make a lot of noise, but this is a great and truly French collection that is well worth your time and consideration.

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