Art lovers unite! Any woman who enjoys contemporary art needs to have at least one of these Tsumori Chisato pieces in their wardrobe. For that matter, anyone who likes jungles, or wild animals, and especially if one has a thing for baboons, then you certainly don’t want to miss what is going on here!

Tsumori Chisato has created a fall/winter collection for 2014 that is not only inspired by art but is itself a work of art. Each piece is a very unique representation. There are no printed patterns repeated on multiple looks. Instead, we are presented with ensembles that are carefully constructed, each one totally different from those around it, with plenty of knits, crochet, wool, applique, feathers, and faux fur in various colors. With a range of looks so very different, it is very difficult for me to describe the collection without getting into excruciating detail. Truly, every last one of these items are wonderful to behold.

What I can do for you is identify a few commonalities running through the collection. If you pick up on a bit of a 1950s vibe, you’re correct. In fact, the second look in reminded me in an interesting way of my mother’s high school senior portrait, which was done in 1952, if that helps establish a more exact time frame. As a result, silhouettes generally have a full yet feminine cut to them. We see plenty of pleats, a few A-line skirts, and even a pencil skirt tossed in here and there. Several of the looks are sleeveless and there is one off-the-shoulder look, but most have sleeves and where there are sleeves there are shoulder pads of significant size. We’re talking NFL-sized pads in some instances. However, the broader the look is up top, the more tapered it tends to be as it heads toward the ankles. Hem lines run long, generally at or just below the knee, and pants, while not uniform, tend to be well tapered, also.

Beyond that, though, one really needs to see this entire collection for themselves. There are wonderful touches and Ms. Chisato’s attention to detail in the applique is quite amazing. These are very bright piece, full of color, just as walking through a jungle would be. She has done an excellent job of capturing not only the spirit of the art, but the jungle as well.

Tsumori Chisato gives us a very happy and colorful collection for winter, a delightful alternative to all the dark dreariness of the season. You really do need to make one of these pieces a permanent part of your wardrobe.

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