Being raised in Oklahoma, there are a few stereotypes that are forever stuck in my head and occasionally catch me off guard. For example, if someone tells me their name is Tex, I’m just going to assume they’re a pretty good sized fellow, over six foot tall, probably pushing 300 pounds or more with a big barrel chest and double-barrel gut. I’m going to anticipate a ten gallon stetson hat, size 17 Justin boots, and a brass belt buckle as big as a dinner plate. Those assumptions were shattered this morning, however, as Tex turned out to be a rather small individual of Indonesian heritage. There wasn’t even a single pair of cowboy boots in sight.

Tex Saverio is a master of branding and marketing. Even though the brand is just barely two years old, already his gowns have been worn by Lady Gaga on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Kim Kardashian in ELLE, and Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Not bad for a label so new that most people have never heard the name at all.

While the Tex Saverio label is being marketed as a ready-to-wear line, don’t expect to find much here that is going to fit with your normal daywear, at least not as styled for the show. There’s one sweater in the entire collection and a couple of pants that could be pulled out as separates and worn well with other fashions. The remainder of the collection, though, is extremely formal, extremely dramatic, and styled in such a way to make sure no one goes without acknowledging your presence.

Saverio’s color palette is pretty straight forward: black and gold. No white, no pastels, no prints, no wandering. Black. Gold. That’s it. He pairs the two marvelously in an array of fashion that is elegant and startling at the same time. Pristine in its beauty, yet Tex somehow finds a way to add one little element that makes one look twice and shift in your seat uncomfortably, wanting to look closer.

Laser cut black lace over gold is the most common combination seen. Silhouettes are kept rather close to the body with one pair of black leather pants fitting so tightly one may require some lubrication to get in and out of them. Some shoulders are padded a bit, typically where it makes sense to to so. Ball gowns, of course, come with fuller skirts and even some of the dresses work with A-line skirts. Hem lines range from being so short as to require caution when sitting to floor length.

Tex has a thing for headpieces, though these certainly aren’t anything one would find in the Stetson catalog. For that matter, I’ll be surprised if any of these pieces make it into production at all. While they look very cool and dramatic on the runway, they are, for the most part, far too impractical for typical retail. Besides, some of these pieces would actually require some intelligence and assistance in being worn. That factor alone limits their audience.

Tex Saverio’s fall/winter collection is certainly a wonderful set to behold. Capes and wraps are especially well done and are likely the pieces one might covet the most were it not for the pesky fact that wearing them would require an occasion of the most special variety. These are not clothes for every day, but for days when you need to look wonderful this is a great place to start.

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