PFW: Stella McCartney S/S 2017

Stella McCartney S/S 17
Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2017. Photo credit: Yannis Vlamos

Stella McCartney has become, over time, the queen of easy elegance. Her no-fuss style of designing makes her popular with women even when fashion purists fail to be impressed. She not only understands what women want in their clothes, but she also incorporates issues that appeal to women. She gives women a reason to feel good about the clothes they’re wearing. Yet, there’s an undeniable quality and elegance in her recent collections, a maturity that comes with time and making better choices behind the scenes.

All these attributes were evident in this morning’s spring/summer presentation. From the beginning, we see some strong trends such as drawstring ties and broad shoulders, though not too broad. She wouldn’t want anything that might actually get in the way. Ms. McCartney also seems to have a fondness for rompers. I can’t think of any collection we’ve seen this season that has as many of them, in different fabrics and styles, as does this one. I’m not especially a fan of those with drawstring collars high on the neck, but the others manage to be quite attractive.

Earth tones are apparently in for spring whether I like it or not. Of course, McCartney never has been one for an extensive use of color. She doesn’t like harsh dyes and chemicals in her clothes, so neutral and natural-colored palettes are easier. Stella has a fondness of denim, though, so we do see a lot of blue and there are a few spots of bright red here and there, just nothing too excessive.

Stella wants this label to be comfortable and fun. There are several graphic tees in various styles, and there are a couple of pinstriped shirt dresses that you’ll wish were in your closet already. Look for the brushed cotton pullovers and try to not drool over the loose-knit sweaters.

The entire second half of the collection is given to printed pieces with a specific message. “Thanks Girls” and “No leather and no fur” are printed across every garment from look 26 through 39 with only a couple of exceptions. Animal cruelty is a cause Ms. McCartney has taken seriously for several years and a significant portion of the profit from this line goes to that cause. Again, this resonates strongly with her core audience and is one of the things that makes her immensely popular among women under the age of 40.

Ms. McCartney finished this morning’s show with a model conga line. This upbeat, positive attitude is necessary when one looks at the newspaper or their Twitter feed and sees little more than negativity everywhere. Stella’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious and by the end of the show everyone was dancing in their seat.

Stella McCartney is the collection you want to wear all day, every day. Comfortable yet refined is a good look on almost anyone. There’s a reason her collections often sell out quickly. Don’t expect this one to be any different.

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