Pascal Millet would love to have you in for a personal fitting. The designer who helped Alexander McQueen turn around an ailing Givenchy very much prefers that designer-to-client relationship and being able to perfectly tailor clothes that fit extremely well. Given that perspective, that Millet has a ready-to-wear line at all is a bit surprising. Even more, that it would be so wonderfully down-to-earth and wearable is nothing short of amazing.

To be clear, Millet’s penchant for detailed tailoring is present in every piece seen on the catwalk today.Every piece was so well fitted, so exquisitely tailored, that it appeared to have been sewn directly on the model. Yet, it wasn’t. Millet is just that good at what he does.

Working primarily in hues of blue and brown, Millet brings a very soft, very comfortable fall/winter collection to the market. Silhouettes are reasonably fitted, though he uses shoulder pads on some pieces to augment the visual shape, and makes frequent use of belting and in one instance a leather cinch to bring in the appearance of the waist line. Skirt lengths, in general, run professionally long, in many cases below the knee. Millet does toss in a few shorts ensembles, which is curious given the season. I have a feeling those are included more to satisfy market than out of any sense of personal vision on his part.

Fabrics are on the softer side as well, with cotton and wool blends dominating most of the looks. The fabrics were chosen to hold their shape and maintain the integrity of the garment over prolonged use, which increases the value of these pieces in your wardrobe. There are some shinier metallic pieces toward the end, and certainly those can be appropriate for after 5.

Millet has created an incredibly wearable day wear collection that runs from the professional to the casual. His suits are flawless. His jumpers are cute without being frumpy. This is the type of ready-to-wear that can make any woman look as though she has a personal tailor, which is exactly what Pascal Millet would like.

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