Looking down the very full schedule for the first day of Paris Fashion Week, one doesn’t see a large number of recognizable labels. In fact, depending upon one’s familiarity with the industry, one might not recognize any of the names at all. Dismissing that which is not already familiar is easy, and after three weeks of continuous fashion shows, tempting. Yet, there are some on today’s list who are well worth watching and considering carefully. Moon Young Hee is at the top of that list.

Honestly, there’s not a lot I can tell you about Ms. Hee. She does not have a web site. Her Facebook page is rarely updated and even then only with links to reviews from previous seasons. As far as I can tell, there are no stores in the United States that carry the brand.

However, when you look at what Ms. Hee was doing last year – the deconstructed, clean, asymmetrical, unobstructed look – you realize that is exactly what everyone else on the planet is doing this year. Okay, maybe not everyone, but we’ve certainly seen that exact same deconstructed look several times this spring. Could it be that Ms. Hee is a prognosticator of things to come?

Looking at what she offers for next spring, I can certainly see where the looks might be appealing. She’s largely ditched the deconstructed look, with a few exceptions, and goes with one that has the initial appearance of being less well styled, but one closer examination is brilliantly put together. She likes creating V shapes and uses layering to suggest that form. Sometimes it is as simple as a tulle scarf around the neck. Other times, it is panel draped widely over one shoulder and gathered at the waist. There are slightly modified A=line skirts and dresses, adjusted just enough to look as though they were put on in a rush. There are multiple layers of organza that hint at hidden lines. There are deep plunging neck lines and full, breezy shorts.

Then, to finish off the look, the models are all walking in black canvas tennis shoes. Nothing fancy. No heel. No bling. Just ordinary black canvas tennis shoes. Granted, we never have seen much height to the shoes Ms. Hee uses, but this season she is saying, “relax, be comfortable with what you’re wearing.”

You may not see the Moon Young Hee brand in your local mall, but I’ll be willing to bet you see the influence of her designs within the next season or two.

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