Miu Miu F/W 2016
Miu Miu F/W 2016

This is it, our final review for this fall/winter ready-to-wear season. This is the 76th show we’ve covered and if you’ve been with us through them all, we thank you. Honestly, it feels as though it was a year ago that we started this season and I’m looking forward to taking some time to sleep past 2:00 AM and get re-acclimated to the realities of life in the Midwest. Our final show today, Miu Miu, is a good place to end. With attractive clothes that are fresh without being tacky or inappropriate, this is a collection one can smile at and enjoy.

Ms. Prada seems to be feeling a bit sentimental this season. There were touches of collections past, and looks that were older than Ms. Prada herself, as was much of this very eclectic soundtrack that ranged from Marvin Gae to Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 to Elvis with smatterings of jazz tossed in between. Similarly, Miuccia blends a variety of fabrics and textures together into looks that are exciting yet familiar enough one won’t be afraid to be seen in public.

Among the many elements one wants to notice in this collection, let’s start with the pearls. Ms. Prada seems especially smitten with pearls, starting with a simple single strand in early looks and moving on to use pearl-like baubles on the top of house slippers and later beautifully encrusting the lapels of coats and jackets. We also see them on purses, belts, and the rims of eyewear. The touch is nicely done, never overstated, and gives an extra push to enhance the luxury feel of the clothes.

Denim is the next thing one is likely to notice about this collection; there is a lot of it, from the opening look denim jacket with rolled-up sleeves, to the denim floral brocade in the closing coat. Everywhere one looks in this collection, blue is the color and denim is the fabric of choice.

Speaking of brocades, there are many in this Miu Miu collection and each one is more beautiful than the next. With not a single puffer jacket in sight, these brocades have a wonderful sense of elegance to them, and when Miuccia enhances them with pearls they are even more wonderful.

Curves are in! Ms. Prada plays to the more natural feminine form in a couple of distinct ways. First, she casts curvy models to walk her runway. I counted no fewer than six Victoria’s Secret models in the mix today, and specifically chosen were those whose frames do not fit the conventional size 2-0 we see on Paris runways. Not only that, there were a couple of models who, by normal fashion guidelines, would be considered plus sized. Miuccia plays to those natural body types by creating looks that give more space at the hips while accentuating the overall feminine form.

Finally, you’ll want to pay attention to how Miu Miu uses bows in this collection. Here are the shoes that are going to sell out, regardless of how high a price tag might be put on them. The delicate bows on the back of heels echos bows used carefully and daintily on jackets and knits. This is a very youthful, girly feel to an already very feminine collection, a touch that keeps the clothes, and their wearers, looking young.

All in all, I cannot think of a more wonderful show with which to end this fashion season. It will be exciting to see what happens come August when these clothes begin to hit store shelves. I hope you’ll then look back at these reviews for reference before you go shopping. We’ve seen a lot of great clothes. I hope you enjoy the shopping!

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