Sometimes the best feel one gets for a collection is not by viewing the pieces individually, but by taking a look at how they all flow together during the final walk. Such was the case with Julien David‘s spring/summer 2014 collection. The designer has put within this season’s line seven distinctly different looks based on the seven seas. Inspired by the fact that his runway models come from literally all over the world, David created a line that gives something to every corner of the globe. That could have resulted in a mind-boggling collection of chaos, but what one sees in the final walk is a line that flows together beautifully, like the gentle lapping of waves along the shore.

Working from a relatively simple color palette of blues, off-whites, and a few touches of pink and purple, David brings us silhouettes that make sense: paper bag-waisted shorts, hugely over-sized hoodies, varsity style jackets made into dresses, and some comfortable looking sweatshirts and tanks. The looks are roomy, comfortable, and young- perfect for a day at the beach, even if that beach is along the Adriatic.

What may be most amazing, though, is the magic going on in the textiles David chooses. I’m not sure I totally understand how this is possible, but he has a holographic polyurethane that, so help me, looks and feels like rubbery seaweed. How did he do that? I don’t know, but I couldn’t help being a bit geeked out by it. There’s an  iridescent cotton jacquard that does some funky color effect, and an open-weaved nylon that somehow manages to look comfortable and sexy at the same time. He’s definitely done his homework in finding materials that make sense for the various regions of the world.

For the most part, David sticks with solids across the majority of the collection. When he does move to prints, they’re nautically themed with waves, sea shells, palm leaves, and most noticeably, life preservers, the latter of which comes very large and playful.

Here’s the good news: you can actually buy Julien David in several stores across the United States. Chicago is the closest store for those in the Midwest, but you’ll also find him in Miami, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. If you’re one who likes to feel as though you’re lounging at the beach, even in a landlocked state, you’ll want some of these pieces in your wardrobe.

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