After a morning full of dynamic statement-making shows, it was nice to watch Isabel Marant’s fall/winter 2014 collection and not feel as though any new, dramatic, ground-breaking performance was taking place. Instead, this was just Isabel being Isabel; very casual, very fun, a little bohemian, and extremely wearable. To a large extent, I could just end my review right there. If you’re familiar with the label, you understand its DNA and this season doesn’t stray far from it at all. I have a 300-word minimum, though, so I guess I should maybe describe the clothes or something.

Why don’t we start with the fact that, unlike others this morning, this collection is not very colorful. This is a good thing. My eyes needed the break. Isabel sticks with seasonally appropriate earth tones and even keeps those muted. While she does start with a lovely winter white with black design, even her white is not so terribly reflective that one needs shades just to watch it pass. The collection is heavy on blacks, but since that usually fits our moods come winter, that’s not a bad thing at all.

Fabrics here are comfortable, which is a necessity for Isabel. I can’t imagine her putting anything on the runway that she wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing herself. So, what we get are large cable knit sweaters, soft cotton pants, and a tremendous amount of fluffed out sheepskin. There are some touches of leather, mostly pants, and one piece with a faux croc pattern to it. Even those are kept loose and flexible, though. Isabel gets downright homey with a pair of flannel pants that you’ll most likely just wear to bed and keep on wearing until you spill something on them. This collection is just that comfortable.

Silhouettes are predictably loose. Nothing really earth shattering stylistically, though she does go a bit over board with the shoulder pads in some of the coats. Thankfully, she doesn’t make that a staple so there’s plenty of styles that won’t have you looking like a linebacker as you come down the sidewalk. Some are talking about the fur boots that look like something primal. Don’t be surprised if you see the term, “Flintstones Couture” applied, though I’m sure someone at Hanna-Barbera might keep that from being too heavily used.

What else do I need to say? You’re going to fall in love with this collection and want to buy every piece you can possibly afford. This is that line that underpins your every day wardrobe. Isabel Marant read your mind and has designed the perfect line for you. Go. Buy.

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