Have you ever noticed when television or movies takes a look toward the future, their presumption for fashion tends to take utilitarianism to its most boring extreme with monochrome unitards totally lacking in imagination. So, when Guy Laroche‘s creative director Marcel Marongui says he looked to the future for the label’s spring/summer 2014 line we were all hoping he might show us innovative fabrics and original silhouettes that we might find inspiring.

For the most part, we were disappointed.

Yes, there are four pieces in the collection that do live up to that expectation. Composed of leather panels of varying shape and size, the effect is something like shattered glass, at once very geometric and at the same time abstract. Had the collection taken this concept to other fabrics and silhouettes, I think everyone would have been very excited.

Unfortunately, what happened was a large number of very utilitarian, monochrome, and boring pieces whose only hint at excitement was that the zipper was visible and in front rather than hidden in back. Thankfully, they don’t come in orange or we might mistake the models for escaped prisoners.

When Marongui makes a palette turn to mustard yellow, he momentarily plays with creative folds, but even those fall short of their potential. One piece reminds me far too much of a couple of hand towels hanging on a bar. Other pieces, again in grey, are full and billowy, and a few even include asymmetrical peplum in an attempt to take the form to the future. but all fail to launch the collection in a positive direction.

Most mysterious, perhaps, are a set of dresses , still in grey, that hang on 1920s flapper-style fringe. On one hand, these may be the most attractive pierces in the collection. At the same time, however, they’re hardly bastions of the future.

The nice thing about the future, of course, is that it is not predetermined and we have plenty of chances to make sure that the clothes our great-grandchildren wear are not boring beyond comprehension. One of the keys, however, will be to not use this Guy Laroche collection as a template.

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