Is it wrong that my first thought upon seeing the very unique shades at Chalayan was to wonder if they were available in Google Glass? There really was something in those early looks this morning that rather brought out the geek in me (not that it is ever far from the surface). A stylish “Mad Max” kind of feeling swept over me and it just seems to make sense that this could be a good look for the technology to embrace. Maybe they could even put some kind of camera in the scarves. These first few looks seem perfect for wearable technology.

Hussein Chalayan starts out his spring/summer collection with long, loose, flowing looks that seem perfect not only for technological adaptation, but for a trek across the desert as well. The whole black/white look might be a little off-putting were it not for the floor-to-hip slits in the skirts. Chalayan doesn’t stay there, of course, and as he adds color to the collection he also begins to tailor the looks a bit more until he’s down to cute little print dresses with bustier tops and bouncy peplum. One gets to pretty much choose from a variety of silhouettes as the looks flow back and forth as easily as sand across the dunes.

A variety of silhouettes and a large collection of prints keep this collection interesting over a large number of looks. One certainly cannot accuse Chalayan of not being creative. His many different folded layers on many different tops are a strong point and help keep the collection attractive to those who want something genuinely different without looking garish. Also impressive are coats that shrug off the shoulders to create a bit of a bustle. A bustle! When was the last time you saw that look and it actually look good?

Yet, for the multitude of strong points in this collection, it may be the accessories that capture everyone’s attention. In addition to the goggles that seem ripe for Google (Google goggles, anyone?), there are also hats that are almost the size of a football field. Yes, I’m exaggerating a bit, and it’s not something one picks up on in the straight-on photographs from the runway, but catch one from the side and one sees just how gargantuan the front bill is. No need for sunscreen when wearing one of these!

If one can’t find something they like in this immensely varied collection, then perhaps, just maybe, one is being too picky. Chalayan gives women a plethora of choices from loose to fitted, short to long, dark to bright, monochrome to print. Add extra points for the quirkiness of the accessories and this seems like a definite winner.

Photo credit: Guillame Roujas

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