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Paris seems to be in love with the 1960s. We’ve seen the modified retro looks pretty much from the moment Paris Fashion Week started, and this morning is no exception. Agnes B. is very firmly on that bandwagon with her fall/winter 2014 collection, but where she stands out is that she has made her styles very fun, very comfortable, and very wearable.

Starting from a basic palette of red, white, and blue, Agnes starts with a series of dresses and coats that are very simple, very feminine, and very warm. A white knit sweater dress with a bulky collar is especially attractive paired with blue stockings. Matching hats are straight from the 60s, and might be guilty of pressing down a highly-teased hair style, but work well with the look and are unquestionably warm and stylish.

While the collection is full of very lovely dresses that are appropriate for office day wear, Agnes also does casual looks with a sense of refinement. We’ve seen denim touches here and there, but Agnes actually gives a pair of jeans with rolled cuffs a sense of class. The look might be dressed down a bit compared to the dresses, but there remains some elegance to the look.

Agnes plays with a cute school girl look briefly, again with some very cute hats, before coming back to a more casual look with some darling tweed coats that could well be the winter workhorse of someone’s wardrobe. What impresses me is that, even with knit stocking caps on models’ heads, these looks don’t come off as being dressed down. Shirts still button all the way to the collar and looser silhouettes retain some sense of femininity. These don’t look as though one paid top dollar for a thrift shop style.

Solids dominate the collection until the last 14 or so looks when Agnes introduces some very 60s inspired prints. These are all cute and playful, varying from a modified leopard print to more pop art touches. The fun culminates in digital prints of Paris in the 1960s followed by a cute double-breasted cropped blazer and skirt with a tri-corner hat.

For the finale, models danced down the runway holding Eiffel Tower miniatures, smiling, skipping, and having a good time, which is exactly how Agnes B. wants one to feel when wearing her clothes. No stuffiness, no pretense, but refined casual style well worth the money one spends.

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