Performing Arts Academy Program

Indianapolis is a city known for sports and racing but sadly not for it’s art community. The Performing Arts Academy, aka the one stop shop for arts and culture, is shedding light on the subject and offering courses in videography, photography, dance, music production and acting.

The Performing Arts Academy’s Youth and Family Coordinator spoke with us about how this program will not only impact the students who participate, but Indianapolis in general.

“We started this program to help Indy become a cultural destination,” Taylor says. “We’ve seen how it shaped other communities in a positive way and how it allows conversations to start. We hope it does the same here.”

In fact, community is the base of the program. Teachers and mentors from the community will be helping and teaching each class.

Geared towards middle and high schoolers, or 13-19 year olds, these weekly courses give tips and tricks on these topics and require students to maintain a good grade point average. Students must also audition to determine their placement in the program.

As with most programs, this one does come with a cost, but a very low cost at that. If your household income is more than $50,000 a year, then you would pay $50 a month. If your household income is less than $50,000 a year, then you can participate for free.

At the end of the course, students will reveal their projects and hard work to the community at the Indiana Convention Center, which is one thing Taylor is proud to give to the students.

“Art can go places that I can’t go. It can touch things that I can’t. It helps people and that’s what I want to do,” Taylor says.

This 12-week interactive course extends from March 2019 to July 2019 and will take place at The Legacy Center until their facility is complete. The Performing Arts Academy is a youth program under the Indiana Black Expo, Inc. These programs strive to bring businesses, youth, communities, government agencies and more together to “address issues affecting youth while preparing them for full participation in society as adults.”

To find out more about the program, you can contact Lloyd Taylor at or 317-923-3045.

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