People of PATTERN: Olivia Smith

What do your friends call you?
 KMy best friend calls me Kitty, some of my cousins call me Oliv, but I really love my name and that everyone calls me Olivia.

How old are you (if you don’t mind me asking!)? 
About to turn the big 2-8!

Where are you from?
 Zionsville, IN

Which neighborhood do you live in right now?
 Fountain Square and loving it!

What do you do for a living?
 I’m the Photo Studio Coordinator & Stylist at Finish Line Head Quarters here in Indy. I coordinate product in and out of the studio and style all of our photo shoots. I have to pinch myself every now and then when I see something I’ve styled in stores displays or somewhere online. I’m very lucky to be able to do what I love and that its here at home in Indy.

What do you do as a creative outlet? I obviously love styling photo shoots, but I also enjoy going to local shows at the Hi Fi, First Friday’s, vintage shopping, reading fashion magazines, and drawing portraits.

What’s the most interesting thing happening in Indy right now?
 I love living downtown and think it’s continually becoming more exciting and connected. I’m seeing more apartment buildings going up, new restaurants opening, and more neighborhoods filling out. I love being able to ride my bike around the cultural trail to fun places around the city and am eager to see what else is in store.

Favorite local brewery, distillery or winery? (Or if not a drinker, then favorite eatery.) 
My boyfriend and I live near Fountain Square Brewery, and really love their vibe. Some days we go in and they’re watching movies on the big screen and other days there’s a live band. It’s a fun spot. I also really love Rook. Their Banh Mi’s during lunch are fire af.

Last trip you took?
 I took a trip to Boulder, CO for a girls’ weekend with some of my best friends this past March. It was the first time I had ever been to Colorado and the mountains were breathtaking. The food was really unique and the entire city had a really casual feel. Dogs are welcome almost anywhere!

How did you first hear about PATTERN? 
I heard about PATTERN when I was in college. I didn’t really know what it was at first, but then found out how amazing it was and that it was happening in Indy. I started going to events they had and networked after I graduated college.

Favorite PATTERN event and why? 
Definitely the launch parties. It’s exciting to see familiar faces and connecting with new ones. I love that they’re hosted at new spots around Indy, that I’m sure most people have never been. The atmosphere is fun and everyone has a great time.

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