People of Pattern: Michelle Steele

Michelle Steele is an Indianapolis-based fashion stylist and creative consultant, who brings a timeless yet, fashion-forward take on styling. As a former editorial model represented by Ford models and the Helen Wells Agency, Michelle has experience both in front and behind the camera. Known for her creativity and broad use of color, her versatility allows for a diverse range of editorial, advertising and personal styling.

What do your friends call you?

If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?
I’ll be 49 in January.

Where are you from?

Which neighborhood do you live in now?
Butler Tarkington. It’s beautiful, I love walking the canal. It’s a real community neighborhood.

What do you do for a living?
I’ve been in sales and marketing for most of my professional life. I help cultivate a culture within businesses and develop their sales and marketing health.

What do you do as a creative outlet?
I do styling, hair, and makeup for production.

What is the most interesting thing, in your opinion, happening in Indianapolis right now?
That’s an interesting question. I really like the Renaissance of Downtown Indianapolis, I love Urban spaces. Seeing the gentrification of Downtown is very exciting, it opens up a lot of spaces that people didn’t know about before. It also allows you to love architecture all over again. Urban living is something I have always been drawn to.

Do you have a favorite local brewery, winery, or distillery?
Hotel Tango! I love martinis.

What is the last trip you took?
I just got back from Paris! It was so amazing. My daughter was working there so I met her in Paris for Thanksgiving. We took an eight hour cooking class and did a bike tour of the Versailles gardens. It was amazing!

How did you first hear about PATTERN?
I was on a business trip and it was in the newsstand at the Chicago O’hare airport. This was years ago but I remember picking it up because the cover was interesting and I rifled through it between flights and realized it was about Indianapolis and I thought that was so cool.

Is there an event you are looking forward to attending in Indianapolis this month?
I have a friend that’s hosting a murder-mystery at their home. Everyone arrives at six and you dress in character, the theme is 1920’s. There will be a dinner and throughout the night you try to piece the clues together to see “whodunnit?”. That will be fun.

Keep up with Michelle on Instagram, and see some of her work in PATTERN!

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