People of Pattern: Barbara Riordan

Barbara Riordan, an Indianapolis native and fashion designer, launched Pariah in 1996. Pariah is a woman’s contemporary lifestyle brand offering flattering silhouettes in beautiful fabrics. Always modern and never boring — her designs are constructed from quality fabrics and manufactured in Chicago, USA.

What do your friends call you?  

Barbara, Barbie, or Barb

How old are you (if you don’t mind me asking!)?


Where are you from?

A farm 12 miles outside of Greensburg Indiana

Which neighborhood do you live in right now?


What do you do for a living?

Registered Nurse

What do you do as a creative outlet?

I have always loved clothing. I have been making my own clothes since I was 6. Picture this, it’s about 1977. I live in farm country  where everybody is supposed to look the same and think the same things. I made a pair of black satin pants and an ivory satin blouse. I then took my mother’s Japanese robe that was a gift from a boyfriend in WWII and I made it into a disco coat.  Needless to say I was an odd duck. In addition to designing clothes I have also done costume design for local theaters and my theater club The Players. I just finished designing for the Benjamin Harrison Home’s Hoosier Haunts.

What’s the most interesting thing happening in Indy right now?

All the new growth between downtown and Fountain Square. It’s exciting to see all the new brew pubs and independent restaurants. Indy is really picking up her food game.

Favorite local brewery, distillery or winery?

I spend a lot of time at Binkley’s.

Last trip you took?

Nashville, Tennessee to see The Rolling Stones.

How did you hear about Pattern?

I met Polina at an IMA function  and she told me about Pattern and I couldn’t wait to attend.

What was your favorite Pattern meetup and why?  

The Volume 8 launch party, there was so much energy. It was a fantastic evening!

What are you doing this coming weekend?  

Does Thursday count as the weekend? I’m going out with my best partner in crime!

What event are you looking forward to attending this month?

I’m looking forward to going to my cousin’s wedding in Florida with my kids!


You can learn more about Riordan by visiting her website, tumblr., Facebook, Instagram: @pariah5k, Twitter: @barbriordan, and  Pinterest: Pariah.

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