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Spring’s industry buzz phrase has been “Pop of color”. Fall and Winter it is all about PATTERN! I hope you have had an opportunity to check out the FREE digital copy of Pattern Paper. Check it out because there is a great editorial featuring patterns for men. Now it might be a little to “fancy” for your normal wear, but it can be done. Three popular patterns for men will be stripes, plaids, and polka dots.

How do you make it all work? I have put together an outfit that any guy could pull off. If you find the polka dot cardigan a little “out there”, feel free to substitute with a solid black blazer.

Fall 2012 key color for men is a bold shade of blue that Pantone has named “Olympian Blue: Pantone 19-4058”. The shade of blue is a great color to add to fall browns, orange, grey and black. The look I have put together has Olympian Blue paired with shades of black and grey. The pants are a cool camo patterned chino. Some people don’t like the camo pattern because of the horrible reputation of being used inappropriately. For menswear, the camo pattern will still be around a couple more seasons as accents.

You might be thinking, “Where would I wear something like that?” This outfit is a great option for an evening urban adventure. For example there are some great theater and arts events happening this fall and winter. This outfit would be perfect for a night of friends getting together and enjoying one of the local restaurants, or cultural events. And let’s not forget some of the great local breweries or well regarded mixologist spots around town!

So mix it up and don’t be afraid to work those patterns into your fall/winter wardrobe!

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