Party Style: REV 2018

The pleasant weather that accompanied this year’s REV party was VERY welcome especially given last year’s Tundra-like conditions.

The REV team sure knows how to show people a good time, out-doing themselves with more food options, more djs, and more points of visual interest around the party campus to keep people entertained FOR HOURS.

As we have done for the last three years, a small team of PATTERN photographers inserted ourselves into the party scene to see if we could capture some of our favorite outfits, spot a few celebrities and catch up with old friends. We were able to accomplish all of the above, as well as getting to see our friends from BRAVO’s Flippin’ Exes do their “reality TV” thang!

I will say, I was hoping to see a bit more Fashion, if you will, but by-and-large, most everyone stuck to their “black-tie” staples. One exciting thing I did notice is that there was a handful of ladies wearing hats – that’s a first! Does this mean we’re getting ready to take on the Derby in the years to come? That could be a fun rivalry!

Congrats to Carol Howard and team for pulling off another incredibly complex and very fun event!

Happy May everyone!

Photography by Tad ‘Hadley’ Fruits, Euan Makepeace and Polina Osherov.

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