Have I mentioned that lace is the  really big this for the spring/summer 2015 season? Just in case I’ve not, let me say it loud and clear now: Lace is the predominant fabric of choice for next spring. We’ve seen it too many times already for us to not call it the first major trend of the season.

While we’ve seen whole collections composed almost entirely of lace, no one has layered and ruffled it to the extent that we saw with the Zimmermann show this afternoon. In fact, I might be a bit concerned that Simone used so much lace that she didn’t leave  any for the other designers to use. We’ll see.

Starting the show with a set of gorgeous lavender pieces, all done in ruffle and layers of lace, Zimmermann sets a tone that is sexy, sheer, and at times downright provocative. Almost everything contained layers upon layers of lace panels, or some other panel. One set of pieces looked almost as though she had deconstructed a tapestry and given that the ruffled layer treatment. Even with the most bare of pieces, and some of these do get too bare for public in most US cities, she manages to find a way to layer something  in the mix.

Simone does manage to mix things up a bit. Three times she tosses jackets over her lace designs, twice with a vanilla twill with blue pinstripe, and the other with a shiny, almost metallic, orange that matched the pants … beneath the layers of lace.  I’m not sure how well the combination actually works.   The look felt a bit forced, as though one had just grabbed the nearest thing from the closet on the way out the door.

More provocative were the lingerie pieces that came at various intervals.  One might get away with wearing these out in public by tossing a pair of slacks or perhaps even a cape over them, but on their own these are rather saucy little pieces, and let’s emphasize that they are very  little.

With a color palette that’s infused with blue and peach and shimmering gold over black and plenty of white,  I think there’s probably something here for just about everyone. There are some delightful prints along the way, and a lavender suit that came down early was stunning. Not everything is so sheer as to limit its use. Simone’s silhouettes are very forgiving, though. A lot can be hidden under all those layers but anyone wearing them is going to always look good. Who can’t appreciate a collection like that?

Simone Zimmermann has done a beautiful job creating yet another spring/summer collection full of excitement and fantasy. You may want to pre-order yours now.

Zimmermann web site

Simone Zimmermann on Facebook. 

Photo credit: Feranda Calfant

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