Ask me about Zac Posen‘s S/S 2014 line and I may just giggle. Not because there’s anything wrong with the line; it’s quite lovely. In fact, this is one of those collections that has people in the audience swooning as each piece makes its way down the catwalk. Still, the word association fixed itself in my mind early and just won’t let go. Mention Zac Posen and my mind goes immediately to the old potato chip commercial tag: “Ruffles have ridges.” I’m not sure I’ve seen this many ruffles in a collection since 1978.

Not that there’s anything wrong with ruffles. Zac uses them appropriately and creatively. Okay, there are a couple of dresses where the ruffles got away from him and come off looking more like the poor girl is wearing the living room drapes. The rest of the time, though, the ruffles and broad pleats are incredibly well done.

Zac’s eponymous line is much more grown up and formal than his ZAC by Zac Posen collection. These dresses are the kind one might purchase for a prom or a wedding, or maybe even an inauguration if this wasn’t an off election year. An obvious floral influence runs strongly through the line dominated by satiny pastels, a look finished off by high updos with flowers in their hair [yet another 1970’s flashback there].

In addition to the ruffles, Posen makes brilliant use of layering and broad folds. There’s no sparing the yards of fabric with any of these dresses. In fact, some of the full-length gowns have enough heft that they likely equal half the weight of the model wearing them. While they are unquestionably designed for spring events, one might want to make sure the air conditioning is working well if one wants to avoid perspiration issues.

Of course, not everyone has an event coming up that justifies purchasing one of these dresses, but it’s only September. You have plenty of time to make up an excuse. Go ahead and start shopping. Zac Posen is available at select Nieman Marcus, Saks, and Bergdorf Goodman stores.

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