I will confess I did not get myself up and out of bed in time for the Victoria Beckham show. With yesterday’s schedule being so exhausting (and not necessarily in a productive manner), sleep took its toll this morning, forcing me to wait and watch the show after the fact. Now that I’ve seen it, I am quite glad I didn’t bother getting out of bed.

Ms. Beckham has hit that stumbling block that seems to befall almost every celebrity designer: she’s stuck. Not that this spring/summer collection isn’t attractive. By all means, there are some very nice looks here … if one is tall, thin, and has a long torso. I don’t question the ability of the clothes to sell just as well this time as they did the first time we saw them.

Yes, you read that correctly. Beckham’s collection, while quite nice looking, is full of styles and silhouettes we’ve seen before. And here’s the thing: they aren’t styles we’ve seen recently, as one might expect. No, you’re going to have to go all the way back to the Celine 2008 (I think I’m getting that correct, I may be off by a year or two) spring/summer collection to remember these looks. Now, if the styles are from so very long ago, is it really a crime for Victoria to bring them back? I mean, she did change them up a little. If they had been her own designs from several years ago, we probably wouldn’t blink twice, but they’re not. 2008 Celine and 2010 Philo are what we saw coming down the runway, with precious little change even in the colors. Sarah Harris at Vogue confirms my concerns. These designs are not new.

So, will you buy them? Probably. The long, sleeveless coats are certainly on trend for this season. Stripes are also big again this year and Victoria includes a sufficient number of those. The large floral prints are a bit gaudy for my taste, especially in pink, but I’m not going to be wearing them and I know plenty of people who will wear just about anything pink. Pink is also one of the trending colors so far this season, so that certainly will help.

Really, this is an attractive collection. Does it matter that it’s less than original? Only if one happens to still have a Celine or Philo piece still hanging in their closet. I’m willing to bet that the majority of women walking into the new Victoria Beckham store in the UK won’t even notice the similarity.

Still, this may be a danger point for the label. Ms. Beckham really needs to come up with something  strong and 100% original next season. If she doesn’t, I may not be the only one missing her shows to catch a few extra minutes of sleep.

Photo credit: Gianni Pucci


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