At 39, Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, seems to have it all. The pop music career, modeling, married to one of England’s hottest soccer stars, mother of a beautiful child, and owns her own reasonably successful fashion line. What does she not have?

Her bicycle. It was stolen from outside her show location Friday morning. Mrs. Beckham had chained the front tire to the bike rack and came back  to find only the front tire remaining. So see, not everything is perfect in Beckham world. Just almost.

And, to be totally honest, not everything is perfect with her spring/summer 2014 line, either. This collection comes off very much like something designed by a busy mom; heavy on comfort and functionality, light on style. What this means is that, yes, the styles are immensely wearable, but they’re the kind of looks destined to catch ketchup stains and milk spills, not turning heads or impressing a board of directors.

The collection is short, only 28 looks, and is largely black and white. Mrs. Beckham does incorporate a bit of grey and varying shades of pink, the latter of which is likely to be rather popular, but again, the palette is geared more for functionality than style.

Before the show, Beckham stated that her inspiration was “The interpretation of shapes and how to apply them both literally and conceptually ….” To that end, we see her exploring with different cuts and collars around the neckline, experiments in layers, and a triangle pattern set against solid backgrounds. Some work, some don’t. The most popular element is likely to be the skirts where a round finished hem lies over a pleated panel . Mrs. Beckham likes that element so much she repeated it ten times with various color combinations.

What doesn’t work so well is large ruffles over a straight skirt or shorts, and over-sized jackets with padded, rounded shoulders. There are a couple of times where the diamond pattern set against a pink bodice with white sleeves looks more like a marching band uniform.

Furthering the “busy mommy” look were broad headbands that kept hair back and largely unnoticeable. You know, like you already do on those days when your hair is so uncooperative you can’t get a brush through it.

There are a few pieces in this collection that are likely to be quite popular, but the sporty set is far from being a home run. One has to admire Mrs. Beckham for her ambition, to be sure; I can’t imagine how impossibly busy her days must be, but there are limits even for her and this collection has tired mommy written all over it.

On the plus side, husband David holding daughter Harper front row seated next to Vogue’s Anna Wintour was such a strong distraction I’m not sure too many people were actually paying attention to the clothes. That may be a good thing.

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