TREND ALERT: In case you’ve not caught on by now, hems are definitely longer for the spring/summer 2015 season. Most typically, we’re seeing skirts and dresses hitting about mid-calf. Fortunately, looks are also more loose and flowing so as to not make walking in them difficult.

Long, is probably the best way to describe this Tory Burch spring/summer 2015 collection. Not because the presentation itself was excessive (it was totally reasonable), but more because Ms. Burch has put a lot of effort into creating looks that lengthen the appearance of the woman wearing them. Those who are vertically challenged should celebrate.

Patterns are how this long look is achieved. Starting with a narrow diamond pattern on the first look, then moving into vertical stripes, contrasting prints, and an extremely intelligent use of a simple white blouse over busy skirts do a wonderful job of elongating the aesthetic.

Another thing Tory does is keep her waist lines lower, making the torso appear longer. This move is counter to the more popular trend we’ve seen this season for super-high waists. Yet, this is exactly what the majority of women actually need in their wardrobe.

There are far too many variations of prints and patterns for me to attempt to list them all. What matters is they are all workable, all lovely, and all benefit the wearer. Ms. Burch works with a very wide color palette so finding something that matches one’s skin tone shouldn’t be a big issue. The blue/white combination seems to be a favorite as it appears on several of the ensembles.

There are some cute touches of fringe here and there, though certainly not to any overwhelming extent, and toward the end we see a touch of shimmer with metallic patterns and glittery stuffs appliqued onto a few skirts.  This isn’t a collection that necessarily screams, “Hey, look at me!” Instead, these are solid, workable, every day ensembles that are good for the casual office. Honestly, looking at several of these pieces, I think the styles and prints would be great for teachers, but we would need to pay teachers considerably better than we do for that to happen, and that’s a totally different rant for a different space.

Tory Burch has designed a collection here that genuinely has women in mind, and I find it rather sad that such a statement would be so very unusual. This is a very wearable, very accessible collection, no matter what one’s body type may be. Women of every size and shape are going to look good in these clothes.

Photo credit: Gianni Pucci

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