There’s no questioning the source of inspiration for this Tommy Hilfiger spring/summer 2015 collection: 1964. The Beatles. British invasion. Sergeant Pepper. Classic Rock and Roll. Playing off a star motif, which showed up everywhere from temporary tattoos on the model’s faces (just under the right eye) to cut outs in the hems of dresses and tops, to the design over sheer chiffon maxi dresses, the whole collection took us back to a time that, for many of the people ultimately wearing these clothes, is pretty close to ancient history. If Tommy’s target audience is teenage girls, and it is, then 1964 is something even their grandparents can barely remember (for a variety of reasons).

On the plus side, this is definitely the collection one is going to see out at every rock concert and music festival next summer. The clothes are fun, colorful, fancy, glittery, and exude that whole rock and roll spirit that KISS frontman Gene Simmons declared dead just last week (I’m assuming Gene and Tommy didn’t collaborate on this). From the start, we see a lot of band-inspired looks, all super tight and tailored, modified to give a little sparkle and a lot of  sexy to the looks. The first look, a maroon and black cape with gold piping over identical shorts with a tight-fitting gold sweater, set a very strong and common tone for a majority of the collection. Toss in some red sparkly booties and we’re good to go. How can anything in this collection not be fun … if one is 15?

This is a collection built around specific motifs. There’s the band uniform. There are stripes. There are hats that are a cross between band uniform and biker gang. There are stars … everywhere. Black patent leather? Check. Modified Tux vests (ala Stephen Tyler)? Yep. Super-long striped scarves? Of course! Now, mix all these together along a palette of dark toned primary colors and one immediately has a collection that is going to delight teens and frighten their parents, which is exactly what a good Tommy Hilfiger collection should do.

A couple words of caution: the swimwear, if worn as it was presented, is very small and those bottoms leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. The long, flowing maxi dresses that were a staple of the 1960s counter culture? Hilfiger has re-imagined those in sheer chiffon with not-too-carefully-placed stars. Yes, little boys, that means one can see right through them. Try to control yourself. Chiffon doesn’t respond well to drool.

Conveniently, there are a lot of jackets in this collection, including a good trench and a couple of furry overcoats. Those early spring events can get downright cold at night, so having an option that staves off hypothermia isn’t a bad thing.

I know Tommy Hilfiger gets a lot of flack from just about everyone over the age of 25, but I think a good part of that is because we look at a cool collection like this and wish we still had bodies that could pull off this look. I’m thinking we may very well need to make a trip to a Hilfiger shop ourselves this next spring. We have a five-year-old girl who will love all the glitter and sparkle and fun of this collection. For that matter, so will her older brother.

Photo credit: Gio Staiano

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