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Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary F/W 2015.Photo credit Guillame Roujas

Tommy Hilfiger, the brand, celebrates its 30th anniversary this fall so it only makes sense that today’s show would be a bit of a spectacle. But then, when was the last time a Hilfiger show was not a spectacle? I seriously cannot remember. Still, Tommy delivered huge this morning with a set recreating a full-sized football field, complete with jumbotron. The looks were a mix of high school varsity with NFL colors, emblazoned with the number 30 to commemorate the occasion. Part of the fun was watching the excitement of foreign buyers and editors who have never seen an American football game. More than a few were asking questions about things such as the goal posts and lines on the field.

Granted, the price tags on these clothes are probably a little much to wear in the tenuous bleacher conditions of a High School football game. Pro events are more appropriate for the Hilfiger base anyway. One impressive element for those watching  at home, or in the stands on their phone (no, some people actually do that), was the ability to order several of the pieces directly off the runway. Why wait for fall when you can get it now? Strong marketing from the Hilfiger team.

Looks in this collection a predictable, with plenty of cheerleader skirts, letterman jackets, and modified cable knit sweaters. The faux fur pieces harkened back to the boola boola era of the 1920s, but only old farts like me are likely to recognize that piece of history. Everything else was pretty much like what one expects, with a couple of looks from the 70s but not enough to taint the collection. Plenty of leather, plenty of pleats and stripes, and plenty of colored tights.

One thing that did rather catch me by surprise was the length of the skirts, which came all the way down to mid-thigh, a bit longer than what the average cheerleader wears. In fact, this entire collection is surprisingly modest in its tone. Nothing here is even remotely revealing or seductive, not that Hilfiger ever goes too far in that direction, but given the theme it seems that he actively avoided being too sexy with the collection.

If one judges according to the frequency of colors used, one might surmise that Hilfiger is a Washington Redskins fan, as red and gold are common among many of the early looks. Patriots red and blue combinations were common also, in addition to Packers green and yellow. Don’t worry, Indianapolis readers, he did manage to work in some Colts blue later in the set, as well as Raiders black and silver. Broncos, Dolphins, and Cowboys color combinations were noticeably absent, though. One can be sure that could be a factor when the collection hits stores this fall.

Given the sporty appeal of the Hilfiger brand, it is a little surprising that Tommy waited this long to do a football collection like this. The looks fit with the brand quite comfortably, from the cape coat leading the show, to the red and black (Atlanta Falcons) cheerleader’s dress ending it. There’s little question these looks will be popular, most likely started about   45 minutes ago.

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